These are just preview samples. Outside Lands takes live music to a higher level Fest. The Bucharest Tango, while retaining the original familiar rhythm, has picked up an emotional context that has less to do with the sensuality we’re accustomed to, and more to do with sadness and melancholy. Our highlights from Reading Festival , from rock and roll to getting rickrolled Fest. It’s always amazed me how anybody could have ever thought of Communism as being liberal in any shape or form, as they were always so intent on curtailing what they called “decadent and immoral”. You can dance with them at this unique celebration in View all similar artists.

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All of which makes it that much more remarkable that now, seventy years later the music from this period is experiencing a revival.

All user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. On 16 November Havana celebrates its birthday. Between andshe studied classical singing with the opera singer Verena Rein. Review chars left.

The All-American Rejects on playing by their own rules and breaking the ‘anti-aesthetic’ aesthetic spotlight By okspud1 12 Aug 3: It’s always amazed me how anybody could have ever bucharsst of Communism as being liberal in any shape or form, as they were always so intent on curtailing what they called “decadent and immoral”. Oana Catalina Chitu — Bucharest Tango.

Tango: Tango: Bucharest Tango

Aside from Blogcritics his work has appeared around the world in publications like the German edition of Rolling Stone Buchareat and tanngo multilingual web site Qantara. Singing lyrics like that would present a challenge to any singer in order to prevent them from becoming the worst sort of melodramatic drivel.


CD Compact Discrecord posted by: The sonorous sound of the language adds to the effect. Sometimes music and dancing also have something to do with politics. In Cuba people are dancing Salsa on this birthday. Catxlina can honestly say that I’ve never heard sadness and melancholy sound as beautiful as I did while listening to Oana Catalina Chitu singing the thirteen tracks on Bucharest Tango. Oana Catalina Chitu pronounce Kitsu and her musicians combine the lost tango songs of that era with the folk ballads of Maria Tanase ; the Romanian Piaf.

Our highlights from Reading Festivalfrom rock and roll to getting rickrolled Fest.

Bucharest Tango

Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Oana represents the cutting edge of a new generation of Romanians interested in the brilliant – now largely forgotten – ccatalina traditions from a bygone age.

Asphalt Tango Records GmbH label: It is dedicated to the time between the two world wars, when also tango played an important tanbo in the Rumanian capital. Version 2, edited by UncleDrella on 26 February3: These are just preview samples. It’s hard to describe the changes without being able to give examples, but imagine that the sound has been filled out and extended so that each phrase is comprised of more notes played at a slower tempo. She has a lovely rich and dark voice that allows one to luxuriate in the textures of what she’s singing, without buchsrest feeling that you’re being swamped by an emotional overload.


Oana Catalina Chitu – Divine (Asphalt Tango Records) – Rebelbase

After 25 years, Warped Tour makes some noise for one last time Fest. You can dance with them at this unique celebration in In she created a musical and theatrical performance called Bucharest Tango which was initially staged in Berlin.

View all trending tracks. Rid yourself of any preconceptions as to what you think the music ought to sound like and it won’t be long before Oana’s wonderful voice and the powerful music of her band will have you completely captivated and under their spell.

It’s often been claimed that the tango has magic powers and chktu disc confirms that belief.

‎Bucharest Tango by Oana Catalina Chitu on Apple Music

Oana was born in rural Romania and grew up listening to her father sing the lost tangos. In the year she formed the Balkan band Romenca, which was the first step towards carving a career out of playing regional gypsy music. Although Romania is a country with a rich musical tradition a virus of cheap, electronic pop music has seized the nation post-revolution. For those of you familiar with Eastern European, or many styles of Gypsy music, the sound of the instruments that accompanies Ms.