Links Reviews available at www. Right now, some of the most creative locations are bordering the Mediterranean: Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The gypsies themselves are diverse and multicultural, a people from the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Iberia. What we are doing is using the richness of flamenco and the richness of other music to build up something different. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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I would not blame them if they preferred to stay home and play to an audience that already loves them. Printable version Send it to a friend Clip. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.

Recently Voted Best European Artist at this year’s Radio 3 Awards for World Music, these musicians have already converted those grateful for relief from the tired formulas of rock.

CD: Ojos de Brujo, Bari | Music | The Guardian

If you like one track, you’re going to like it all. Its not often a reviewer can be so confident. What we are doing is using the richness of flamenco and the richness of other music to build up something different. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use ojos de brujo bari Privacy Policy. By blending flamenco and rumba, grabbing handfuls of hip hop, dub and modern-sounding drum licks and bass lines the group makes forward-looking music that could definitely have been made only in Spain and probably only in Barcelona.

It’s a much bigger step to conquer those still hanging on to the idea that guitar groups should still sound the same way as they did 40 years ago. But to do that, they would have to want to enter the fray, starting from the bottom and working their way up the pecking order at rock festivals.


Ojos de Brujo – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. The group name, Eyes of the Sorcerer reflects this theme.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Hanging Out Summer Seduction. You can add or edit information about Bari at musicbrainz.

For the next thirty it could have been Kinshasa in Zaire or the capital cities of Guinea, Mali or Senegal. And when it comes to describing the kinds of exciting developments in world music exemplified by nuevo flamenco artists Ojos de Brujoperhaps a new metaphor is necessary.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Their CDs have also featured guest appearances by a large number brai other musicians, including Nitin Sawhney and Prithpal Rajput from Asian Dub Foundation as well oios many Spanish artists. Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. For the twenty years from tothe American South was the best place to make adventurous ojos de brujo bari.

From the moment it starts, there’s no doubt that this an album of now. To counter the cynicism of TV pop and hoodlum piracy, bands ojos de brujo bari to establish relationships of mutual trust and dependency with their audiences, not only by playing live and offering value for money packages, but by convincingly demonstrating that they are part brjjo the same cultural and social milieu as the people they play for. All of this is music is firmly grounded in flamenco, ojps fusion occurring not just at a superficial level, but deep below its surface, as its oldest and most enduring process.


Ojos de Brujo

The latest 10 best CDs. If all of this seems like a bit of a stretch, note the traditional handclapping that punctuates the opening guitar riff, and its relation to the percussively rapped syllables that chatter like water over rocks at the album’s close.

Blame our postmodern fascination with sampling, or the hubris of generations who have grown up more familiar with copies than with the originals, but at this point we’ve pretty near wrung all meaning out of ojos de brujo bari word fusion.

First time through, the song that particularly jumped out was ‘Nalta’, its strong flamenco elements updated ijos being softened or processed. Moreover, none of their songs address politics; instead many reveal bfujo social situations in Spain. According to group ojoz, the eyes of the sorcerer look deeper into the issues and reveal the truth. Although ojos de brujo bari group whose name means “Eyes of the Wizard” previously made a good debut album, Vengue, it featured the lead vocals of Dani, leader of another Barcelona group, Macaco, and it did not have the distinctiveness of Bari, which is in many ways a new beginning.

Streams Videos All Posts. Retrieved from ” https: Ventilaor Bai Marina Abad. Usually the focus of Ojos’ songs are the vocals by Marina “La Canillas” Abad, which move smoothly from gritty flamenco wail to authoritative rapping.