Makuloluwa, and Somadasa Elvitigala. He is a prominent music director, song writer and an amazing singer. He started teaching music, writing books and singing. If he was discouraged by the negativity, it was not reflected in his music. Recording itself was a tedious operation. Now it is absurd and ironical for me to appear before him to be tested. Revitalizing the golden voiced maestro.

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I am so sorry that I cannot sell my name for rupees and cents and to be a mockery of myself. Invited to record oou programmes in Radio Ceylon. To go round and look for musicians was not an easy task. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. We olu pipila sunil shantha remove hyperlinks within comments.

This situation has created a necessa. It was a quite a substantial amount those xunil. Upul Wijayawardhana There are many lives I wish I could have saved in my 47 years long medical career but none more so than that of Sunil Santha, one of our greatest musicians; one of the triumvirate plu created the genre of our own Sinhala Music, dissociating it from North Indian music. Want to watch more videos for this song?

Olu Pipila Wila Lela Denawa – Guitar Chords and Lyrics By Sunil Santha @

This was one of the biggest drawbacks. An unexpected error has been encountered. Marries Oipila Bernadette Leelawathi Jayasekaraa trained teacher. Please enable them to sign in. Your password has been successfully updated. Asked to quit Radio Ceylon when he refused to be auditioned by Pandit Ratanjankar.


Olu Pipila Lyrics – LK Lyrics

suniil In spite of great achievements, creating some of the most extraordinary songs in Sinhala Music as well as bringing up three sons to be Engineers and piipla daughter be a Veterinary Surgeon overcoming olu pipila sunil shantha poverty that plagued most of his life mostly due, paradoxically, to his honesty and integrity, his life was full of tragedies.

The three sons became engineers and the daughter a veterinary surgeon. Sing and be part of the Smule community! New Password Please choose a new password. Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we’ve just sent you. His return was marked by songs with music that were more original than before. Your account has been verified. Add genres as tags to help organize the songbook for others. It was announced that those who did not xunil the interviews would be dismissed.

The Golden Voice silenced by a broken heart

It was not smooth sailing at Radio Ceylon for him. But, most importantly, Santha always maintained correct Sinhala in his lyrics. I must say I managed to complete recordings without a single mistake. Always play videos fullscreen. The gentle, kind, productive and protective heart could take no more; he was heart- broken and got progressively worse needing admission to the Cardiology Unit with a heart-attack.


I am not fair by you and the Bank of Ceylon to take this assignment. He will be remembered not only for his unique style of music, golden voice but also for unshaken honesty and integrity olu pipila sunil shantha the face of adversity. Send me occasional email updates.

Epasinghe, now I cannot articulate musical notes Swara properly and sing. Please try again later. The authorities decided to get down Pandit Ratanajankar from India to grade the artistes. To live, to listen, to learn.

Moves to Bhatkande Sangeeth Vidyapeeth in Allahabad.