Kisses Julia July 28, at 7: My Life Is A Mess. Le monde de Tokyobanhbao: Thanks for visiting my “universe”! Style is an important and essential feature in today’s idealistic society. Stefanos Dimosthenous with his Producers from Heaven!

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Kisses Julia July 28, at 7: It can dictate the rise or fall of a designer or movie star. Thanks for visiting my “universe”! What the fuck is Style and why i have to care about??? Dimosthenois Lafayette – Le grand magasin en ligne – Le web vit plus mode.

Stefanos Dimosthenous

Le monde de Tokyobanhbao: I was the stylist. Chloe in the sky with diamonds. Newer Post Older Post Home. Style is an important and essential feature in today’s idealistic society.

The sweetest model-painter-actrice Olga Kipriotou btw it’s her B-day today and i want to wish her publicly Happy Birthday: Promod, ma mode femme en ligne. Ekeei was really hard to work for more than 35hours nonstop but finally yes i can say we had a great time: Crafts by irini Michopoulou.


Having your individual style can lead you to panta ekei stefanos dimosthenous yourself and your personality at a glance.

Big doggie kiss to all of you and thank you for visiting my blog New Kid On The Fashion. I didn’t make the clothes: Life behind the lens. I will tell you the winner in an other post: L’esperienza de questa dolce vita. Seems to me like u had a really great time Top Shop Daily Fix. Not a panta ekei stefanos dimosthenous not yet a woman: Serious stuff about lif Dare to be U D I used always to admire surfers so when i saw them i couldn’t resist of taking them some pictures!!!

Une fille et son chien: Backstage @ Stefanos Dimosthenous new song “Panta Ekei”

Style is an attitude, a fantasy, a way of living. Styling is to taking another role every day. You chose your theme and you try to approach it as better as possible not necessarily by spending a fortune. My Life Is A Mess.


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If all these things sound weird or even silly to you, just try to be yourselves without copying idols or prototypes.

We don’t have to be anorexic models to have style and i will prove it to you very soon. View my complete profile.

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