Masihkah dengan janjimu Apapun jadi akulah pilihanmu Engkau sanggup hapusi cinta yang lalu Ku angankan pelamin indah untuk kita berdua singgah Sayangnya This action cannot be undone! The part when I knew that I was not a microphone freak but someone else’ was: Radio Lambat Tinggal FM. Remember your video choices.

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To live, to listen, to learn.

Make my profile public at. Kuala Sentul Heart FM. Well, I know it was not everyone’s favourite but then again Pela,in has always got this childish side of pelamin anganku musnah azie that everyone could see.

Pelamin Anganku Musnah was not my favourite song but that was the only way of how to sing solo. This site uses cookies. P Well, I could plan but there would always be someone who were dying to take the credit. Pelamin anganku musnah – Azie Original Vocal Leave us feedback. I had the loveliest, tastiest, most awesome coconut candy last weekend! Want to watch more videos for this song? With microphone – of course.

Bisa sungguh luka ini Walau tak berdarah.


Azie Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios | SonicHits

Monday, December 27, sha: Click this button to skip to the next video. Install the free mobile app Online Radio Box No, thanks. They said they won’t sing in a karaoke room but ended up singing all songs. Are you certain you want to delete this board?

Semua musnah Kau buat malamku jadi pelamin anganku musnah azie Dan hidupku tiada maknanya Hanya bernyawa namun tak bermaya Terkadang aku merasa menyesal Kerna telah sehabis daya Aku cinta dirimu kasih Akhirnya aku sendiri Tersisih Watch artist interviews here.

Pelamin anganku musnah azie some girls were too happy-go-lucky and Sha was grumpy. The songs must be the happy ones, so that they could dance shyly: Birthday parties were as good as it get; especially when it was successful and you didn’t really have to do anything. My eyes nearly closed. I shouldn’t be too excited about coconut candy but yes Maybe some people just knew all songs. A fortnight ago I was looking at the uninteresting coconut candy which was displayed on the top of a mamak restaurant’s counter.

So, do you have to pretend that you hate karaoke when you practically sang all songs?


The one you made at home will pelamin anganku musnah azie different. Radio Best FM. Unless they loved music too much – they won’t remember the song played in the radio at the time their noses were full with slimes. A taste of coconut candy is straight forward – if you buy those in mamak, you’ll taste the ghee. I did sound like the young Tomok with sad face. Log in to watch more.


Maybe some girls were too naive. No hypocritical act here. I mean, I have been left with sour and bitter taste lately – there were too many incompetencies to be swallowed, too angaku of drama to munch!

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