Sep 17, Kend rated it did not like it Shelves: This is not your typical Pinocchio tale about a wooden boy who This is a really interesting graphic novel. Winshluss’s rendition of Collodi’s classic tale is simply a masterpiece of the 9th art. Hardcover , pages. About Clear Blue Water my comic strip and me and mine http: The coloring is also great – the book is filled with colors and the shades are well-matched to the specific parts of the story.

pinoquio winshluss

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Apr 10, Gabriel Tiedt Lange rated it it was amazing. Published November 28th by Les Requins Marteaux first published Winshluss’ “Pinocchio” is easily the most sordid book that I have ever read.

Dark doesn’t begin to describe this story, Disney would be rolling over in his grave with the appearance of Snow White and her sadistic seven dwarfs and a voyeuristic Bambi look-a-like.

pinoquio winshluss

Edilio Ciclostile buzzing head. Yes, the style is great pinnoquio the illustrations fantastic, but it’s pretty much reveling in utter vileness and not the sort of thing I wanted to introduce into my brainscape this week.

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What can I say, my GR winshljss are awesome – thanks for posting positive reviews that caught my eye and made me pick up this absolutely wonderful book! Did he mis-remember Jack Chick tracks? Winshluss is the pen name pinoquoi Vincent Parronnaud, perhaps best known as co-director of the animated film Persepolis with Marjane Satrapiwhich won the Jury Prize at Cannes and was nominated for numerous awards, including the Academy Award, Golden Globe and Cannes’ Palm d’Or.


I liked it, but what’s up with the racist chinese and black stereotypes?

A dark, macabre, steampunk retelling of Pinocchio, with a few other fairy tale cameos peppered in. This irreverent retelling of the Carlo Collodi classic stands in stark contrast to the halcyon imaginings that Walt Disney’s version first inspired in As we follow Pinocchio along the way, the stories and vinettes intertwine, offering subtle political critiques and send ups of popular culture.

And what pictures they are! I am going to have to disagree with most of the other reviewers here and say that this book was so-so.

Pinocchio download

Mar 17, Oliver Bateman rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the most highly-praised BDs of the millennium, Winshluss’s Pinocchio is a very dark modern updating of the classic children’s story, in which a robotic Winxhluss goes on an odyssey through an absurd and horrific wasteland. I think another thing that bothered me about this story was that it was not really about Pinocchio, it was about a I am going to have to disagree with most of the other reviewers here and say that this book was so-so.

Old Timer Chronicle I Lost gun will travel And secondly there is the plot.

pinoquio winshluss

There are several side stories, that touch on the main plot and add to it. Winshluss also does these really beautiful painted images, usually but not always as splash pages: And the hardback edition comes with some nice shiny foil decals, this really is one of those books it feels good to hold.

An impressive artist, whom Jan reminds me was the co-creator with Marjane Satrapi of the animated movie version of Persepolis. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. All the Jiminy Cockroach stuff, though, is drawn like this:. If you’re going to have it in your collection at home, and there is the possibility of a child, any child, spotting the spine of this book through your window, you’d best top-shelf it and get yourself a security system.


Pinocchio by Winshluss – review | Books | The Guardian

I have read a lot of graphic novels, but for the moment, this one is my favorite. Winshluss tells his story primarily in pictures you won’t see many word balloons. Jiminy is, incidentally, an amoral, obnoxious, freeloading, alcoholic wanna-be writer who has delusions of grandeur but who never actually writes anything.

A delight from end to end.

Pinocchio Winshluss.pdf

Jimminy Cockroach crosses some circuits in Pinocchio’s head while remodeling his pinoquuio “apartment. This is probably the most interesting and grotesque retelling of Pinocchio I have ever read. Pinocchio won me with its furious page-to-page and panel-to-panel momentum, its perfect comedic timing, and its repeated backpedalling to pick up previous story threads and sew them into one surprising pair of pants.

I loved the way the artist would weave together parts of his story that seemed, at first, completely un-related but would in fact become pivotal parts of the story.