If the signal deteriorates below the present threshold level, this alarm is issued. Four 4 -relay outputs. The information contained in this document is subject to change without prior notice. Enter the location of the configuration file in the File field, or click [Browse] to locate the file on the local hard disk or diskette. Six 6 photocoupler inputs. The highest or administrator level Admin has full access to the network and network management system. Four can be configured and the other two RL01 and RL02 have fixed alarms.

pnmsj software

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Click [Execute] button to implement the softwade. Select the connecting direction from the starting point. Click the [Update] button to activate the new equipment configuration file.

pnmsj software

Click the [Execute] button to switch to the selected TX system. To download the program file to Control module: Frequency channel file format is csv, including channel name, TX frequency pbmsj RX frequency. NOTE This operation may take several minutes depending on the program file size. Click the [Main Signal Loopback-2] button in the Maintenance window.

PNMSj+ : Wireless Transport | NEC

Verify that the file was uploaded on the specified directory. The Help function also can display an operation manual.


pnmsj software

The desired sound scheme can also be set using this function. Click the [Execute] button to start the operation. Click the [Execute] button. This function is only enabled when the interface setting and the actually inserted module do not match.

Click the [Close] button when finished. To osftware the main work interface parameters see the chapters on Equipment Setup and Provisioning.

Click [Next] to continue. The date shown in the Event Log window will be in the format of the OS.

When CH Usage Error Report function 01 – 48 E1 signal is applied to the input interface as long as it must sovtware enabled set to “report” and is set to “Not Used”, this alarm is generated. None When there is an anomaly in the input voltage, this alarm is issued. RX Jabbers — the total number of packets received Including bad packets that were longer than octets. The message window will close automatically once the download is completed.

The type of power control is set here. The progress window will automatically close once the uploading is completed. Provisioning window To open the Equipment Configuration Monitor: TX Total Collisions — the total number of collisions when it is transmitting.


Click [Execute] button to save the selected settings of the device. The present threshold is a BER of 1E To set the modem parameters see the sections on Equipment Setup and Provisioning. The explanation uses typical PNMT screens to illustrate the hierarchy of menu. This software package remotely monitors and controls the status and configuration of an entire PASOLINK network with associated equipment as well as the performance of the actual microwave radio links.

Click the [Execute] button to reset LAN ports. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Select Configuration Maintenance in the NE-specific menu bar.

PASOLINK Network Management System (Java version)

Click [Close] to shut this screen. Click the [Execute] to implement the command. This is also commonly used when asking for a password.