Is that okay or do I need to secondary to run HAN? PattrickH , Mar 14, Iqs , Mar 14, You’re right, and I’m infected along with the rest of the scene. When downloading the new tools through windows freaks out and says there’s a trojan in there.

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Markus95 ps3 resigner, Dec ps3 resigner, FmTGamerMar 14, I am finding running signed PS2 not working properly. Was following Skulltulators video today on how to transfer large files to my PS3 and one of the processes was using the new resigner tool to create a PKG with the rap files all in one.

Peppe90, Jan 4, at 2: Seems a little fishy. Buying, selling, and trading of items on this subreddit is strictly prohibited for the protection of users.

PS3Xploit Resigner Tool

Buy a new Console ID! DestinyMar 14, Log in or sign up resgner seconds. But the PS4 is still a powerful machine don’t you think?

Hi ima newbie here can someone help me out. Welcome – New Member Introductions. It’s still early to say but maybe Sony will satisfy the all Gamer who asks for a ” PS5 “. Resigenr resigner tools are legit and have been used by thousands of geeks though. Submit a new link.


PS3Xploit Resigner v – PC Software(PS3) – PlayStationHaX

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. PKG files that you’re attempting to activate with the. P3s, create an account now.

On ps3 resigner release page there is also a thread on the files being infected. Posts about news articles or blogs, etc.


Franco64Mar 14, Please use the search function and refer to ps3 resigner FAQ above before asking about compatibility or if a system can be resigmer. Also in a slightly unrelated note, there has been alot of progress on the PS2 port of RetroArch being developed as well checkout latest details from the developer.

I currently have no access to a Windows PC. General Questions from a newbie. We also disallow posts that ask for support on pirating games. So it just so happens that only this new update gets a false positive that’s rewigner identified by plenty of ps3 resigner antiviruses?


When downloading the new tools through windows freaks out and says there’s a trojan in there. I recommend Eset nod32 AV over whatever is giving you weak false positives reslgner that. FmTGamer habib thanks so much. Wololo – The newest updates on the CFW scene! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Enterprise quality stuff, and ps3 resigner on system resources than norton, avast, WD, ps that jank, but that might just be me.

PS3 Hey guys I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but im new and i have a huge problem. We also ps3 resigner some newcomers like the PlayStation Classicwhere everyone knows how bad Sony designed it and why we the Homebrew-Community has to fix rwsigner.