If you are currently operate a server running Ubuntu Also you should add the name of psyBNC, if you plan to link it to other bouncers. Commands for the Trafficlog are: But you can set the topic, which is also broadcasted to the restnetwork. You should run stunnel on your home Machine to connect to psyBNC, if you want to encrypt Listeners as well. Be sure to erase your Trafficlog as often as possible. Use asynchroneous resolving define????

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It can be either the alpha-form, or the actual IP address.

How to install psybnc on shell / xShellz

Commands for the Connection Log are: The first thing you need to do is add in another network: I highly recommend you leave psybnc enabled.

So, here are the applicable lines and what they mean. So, the commands to do it:. Everyone hates getting disconnected, and with a bnc on a decent shell, you should be pretty immune.

This lets you use the internal ircd that psybnc has.

Going by SSL-standards, an application that encounters a self-signed certificate which I guarantee you have should either prompt the user for confirmation or kill the connection. This is the format for all commands used psybnc psybbc networks. Possibly a mail will be ignored, but a query wont.


Now, some weird things about multiple networks: Well, psybnc has psybnc Version 2. If you want to disable modules, just edit the config.

How to Install psyBNC | How To configure psyBNC on FreeBSD |

In my experience, most flavors of linux have it installed, but some others don’t. If you want to psybnc compiled objects and the compiled binary, do make clean b The lsybnc thing it psybnc is psybnc. This is helpful if you’re paranoid, or if you want to have a private conversation in a public channel.

After you have downloaded that, fire up your favorite ftp client and upload it to the root directory of your shell. You should see something like this:. Then add the following psybnc your crontab use crontab -e to edit your crontab: To name a few: In return, everything you psybnc type in english to bayern, would be posted in german to the channel. Omit that part if you like e-mail. Furthermore, you can let ppl on other bouncers use your machine’s vhosts if you wish.


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Fully Qualified HostName, i. Moved to the psybnc. Configuring and Compiling Hopefully you have already downloaded the source. To do so execute the following command: Want to restrict access to certain IPs or certian IP masks? So if your shell was psybnc. If you added a bot-dcc connection, you also can request op from psybnc bot.

Use asynchroneous resolving define???? Its a self made two-way password encryption and therefore crackable with some psybnc. I love this feature and recommend you leave it enabled even if you don’t plan to use it now.

Congrats, your setup is complete.

If not, well, welcome to my world ; With menuconfig, the GUI is very easy to follow: I prefer to always be on efnet, and then head to my other networks when Psybnc want to talk with ppl there.