The people over at Wiredrive are very hands-on, and will do everything to make your project their priority. Trust me — I’ve seen it. In the case of Resolve, it uses the GPU to allow real time playback with multiple nodes. Welcome to my world. Advanced features for modern workflows Data Management From on set, to editorial to archiving, Double Data provides a way for you to verify that all the footage is correctly copied and rendered, no matter what production stage you are at. For the purpose of this article, I will be approaching the program from a production standpoint where it is mostly used as a data transfer system. If you were to copy to all destinations at the sme time you’d get very slow results.

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I have to say, there is a bit of configuring you have to do before you are streaming data, but once you have it locked in, you’re good to go.

RED Workflow: Data Management and Copying Footage

Simply by including these checksums, you can ensure that the data is correct when you read it years from now. It updates as you click on a source in the queue. If you would like to add a camera module to your existing Double Data registration, use this form to first find your existing registration: No sitting waiting for multiple copies, and no r3d data manager point of failure.


The trial version is a fully functioning version, only limited by time to 15 days. I am aware I can manater out at any time. This will help to pinpoint where things went wrong, should that happen.

Is R3D Data Manager Worth Your $80?

Fan Us Join Our Circle. The custom made BigFoot Mobile Cart. What Session Management Really Means This idea of one session for the whole days worth of dat – what is the benefit?

How did you hear about the program? Do you use Media Composer to natively crunch through the files or another dedicated transcoding tool?

In the case of Resolve, it uses the GPU to allow real time playback with multiple nodes. Double Data also supports just plain old verified copy from source to destination. I typically try to populate all 4 HDD slots in the tower. They were doing r3d data manager to help datta their data flows and keep a coordinated effort without having to re-set destinations for every source. Your data is the sum of r3d data manager of hours of work – dont let it be ruined by a bad copy.

The program now checks before a copy operation that the sources actually exist, and are mounted properly. Price R3D Data Manager is not super expensive compared to most film production tools and software.


Update Project Info during copy: Double Data ‘s concept is different from other software. RED has a proprietary software for converting Redcode raw data: Once I have enough money to hire you I will for mznager Von, I owe you one!!! Now you can see visually which destinations failed for each source. Promote cracked r3d data manager, or other illegal content.


A Mac Pro and keyboard without drive weighs in at just 50lbs.

Is there an actual way to load these files into the Red Epic to be able to see it in the camera screen on set? If you were to copy to all destinations at the sme time mwnager get very slow results. Editorial, Feature Debra Kaufman.

Is R3D Data Manager Worth Your $80? | The Black and Blue

Now you dont need to type your R3d data manager Media names for each mag. On Set Double Data helps to speed up your on-set workflow. I’ve seen my share, and I advise you not to shop at BestBuy for your system drives or client drives — maybe your iTunes collection, but not your precious footage.

It’s called Double Data now. Added Transfer Time When I was data loading on Below the Beltway, I kept paperwork and timed every transfer I did to get an idea for how long the dumps were taking.