One of the earliest notable examples of such principalities in Europe was Danube Bulgaria, Khan was the official title of the ruler until AD, when Kniaz Boris adopted the Eastern Orthodox faith. He erected a monument at Prayaga , which existed at Kalhana’s time. He was a cruel and immoral person, who introduced the evil habits of mlechchhas to Kashmir. The minister was persecuted, and ultimately imprisoned because of rumors that he would succeed the king. The patient Tilaka, lord of Kampana, of tho family of Kaka, was alone able to pursue him to the peak where”fee had taken shelter. The dates show at once that Kalhana is speaking of the iuvasion of India by the invincible Mahmud of Ghuzui. Jarasandha attacked Mathura and the Yadavas seventeen times but was defeated by Krishna, then Jarasandha resorted to a cunning strategy.


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One day he advised the king to destroy by fire all the Diimaras who had assembled together, but the kind king did not listen to him.

Rajatarangini of Kalhana – English – Jogesh Chunder Dutt Volumes 1 & 2

The people said that king Harsha had directed Bhikshachara to be king and questioned who the others were, s. After Baladitya’s death, Khankha crowned him the new king. We shall quote Kftlha- ua’s account of rajataranguni event from Mr.


Jayapira travelled out of his kingdom in disguise to Gour, there married the king’s daughter, and, returning to his country, vanquished and killed his rebellious brother-in-law, who’tad usurped Kashmira in his absence. When Mallakoshta fled out of Lohara, the king in anger, impaled Arjjuna.


But we must return from these interest- ing and almost invaluable details to the story of Kashmira. He killed Dhenuka, an asura sent by Kansa, as well as Pralamba, after the evil king died, Balarama and Krishna went to the ashrama of sage Sandipani at Ujjain for study. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Yudhishthira Sanskrit: Kalhana’s Sanskrit work comes down to A.

Son of Jayapida and Durgi. The Jain flag In India. Thus ho got the kingdom and entered the court. Rama is one of the deities in Hinduism and especially of the various sects of Vaishnavism.

Full text of “Rajatarangini of Kalhana – English – Jogesh Chunder Dutt Volumes 1 & 2”

AvSpishta, servant of Attamelaka, had, through tho favor of the Kaka family, access to the king, and the king accepted his advice. He was ailxious to cotno to Kashmlra but he first sent Safijapala.

Read more Read less. Kalhana’s work uses Kali and Laukika or Saptarishi calendar eras: His writing is full of literary devices and allusions, concealed by his raiatarangini and elegant style.

Head of a Kushan prince Khalchayan palace, Uzbekistan. A Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir. His acts fully sustained the import of his name as Buddha’s name of Sarvarthasiddha was sustained by his acts. They may have a stick, a book, a container or vessel for food and drink, often wearing yellow, saffron, orange.

The weak king was anxious to come to terms with Garga and for that purpose the great Sahela went to Lohara as a messenger. Draupadi also became the chief queen-consort of Yudhishthira upon his coronation as the King, Draupadi bore Yudhishthira a son named Prativindhya.


When the king’s party obtained vic- tory, the people hung their heads, but when Bhikshachara’s party won, the people would create a tumult in their joy. Thus pursued by his elder brother, Sussala with his handful followers entered the country of Darad. Incidentally, when she brought both of her palms together, ramatarangini two pieces joined giving rise to a living child, the child cried loudly which created panic for Jara. Harassed by the enmity of this ungrateful son, Ananta at last committed suicide, aud his widow ascended the funeral pyre.


Garga then gave up the son of Uchchala and submitted to the king, who came to him ; and he soon gained the king’s confidence by rajatatangini to him Rajatarngini, son of Kamakoshtha and an enemy to the king. You bought fish and jnice to the value of one hundred pieces and out of affection, gave them to children for feeding a cat.

The lord of Kampana waa asked by the king to go to battle and he went after much entreaty, but with relaxed powers, remembering the faults of the king?


In later years of his reign, he started patronizing unwise persons, and the wise courtiers deserted him. Son of Lalitaditya and Kamaladevi. He then proceeded on his march of conquest through Ealinga, Goura, and along rajatarangino Bay of Bengal to Karnata, which was at that time governed by a powerful queen. He refuses and spurns her above.