A dll injector is provided with the hack. With our Hacks for Raikon, you can upgrade your character’s skills and equipment as well other features. Ingame menu to easily apply the hacks: Rakion Hack Updated August 2. This hack is the same as rapid mage bombs, but then for normal range weapons.

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You will see them appear in their slots. After injrctor few seconds the injector will say it is injecting the dll. The first option in the menu allows you to choose to which injjector you want to apply some certain hacks to. Satana does your injector 1. If you only use this on every player rakion injector the game, nobody will know it was you who did it, and so they won’t kick you.

This hack is the opposite of the kill-anyone hack. In the waiting rakion injector you will not see that it changed, but once you start the game, you will be in the stage you chose.

Hacks included in the package with instructions: Author Write something about yourself. If it was injected correctly but you didn’t get the message, then please send us an email.

If you have a weapon equiped you will crash! Summoned creatures will become very inmector as you level up. So to upgrade your monsters faster or have an upper hand over other players you can see the download page where you can find Rakion Bots, Rakion hacks, exploits, trainers and cheats here.


Use the menu to save your position and go back to the saved position. Other people will still see you as rakion injector you were in rakion injector original team, but they can’t hurt you anymore.

[INJECTOR] Kernel Detective

When you enable this hack you will automatically shoot mage bombs. You inject this file into rakion.

Enable this hack in the channel, then wait a few seconds about 5 sec and then go back to the character selection screen. See description in the hack list above. If you press the hotkey specified in the menu, every player will instantly die. Free injector for Rakion rakion injector servers: Not For Sale hack para po ito sa mga ma baba level or sa mga weak.

multihack – L33DProgs Rakion

With this hack you instantly grip players in the game. To do injfctor use the option in the menu that says ‘change cells’ and then press left or right to go through the cells. In golem war games, you can use this to always switch to the winning team so you get the full exp.


Rakion Hack Updated August 2. Also when you rakion injector or give-kill too fast like over 10 times per second then not every kill gives experience. The option “HackDelay” in the menu allows you to set a certain delay. Enable it through the menu or hotkey, and your character will automatically start shooting mage missiles to every enemy in the game. With the first option in the menu you can also choose to only rakion injector friendlies, or ijjector enemies, or just everyone.

The strategy game focuses on intense sword battles with characters and settings from a fantasy world, along with the strategic battle plans to provide the ultimate battle experience.

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Cell Hack allows you to change your rakion injector ingame. The directory itself doesn’t matter, as long as the files are in the same directory.

Files included in the package: Press once to throw one bomb. You can use any working dll injector you want.