If you got joy-riding tendencies in you, Raging Thunder 2 is the app you need, to calm you down!!!! Contact Us – BlackBerryForums. Pls if any share with us thanks. I found this program and have tested it for a few minutes using my PB talking with my wife and she is using her laptop. Then you can let others know the room name and well, it’s sort of like a flinstones version of irc meets video. I will expand to other markets if the server can handle it.

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Contact Us – BlackBerryForums. Button 10 and then choose ‘Hide’. Phone remote app on your playbook, would have to be downloaded or sideloaded. U can thank me later. There are apps for everyone in the family, for the 4 month old, the 2 year old and the 5 year old as well as mummy. My children are all “in to ” the Apple products and I am the lone Blackberry person in the family. BlackBerry App World 2. Hope you find it. Will there be an upgrade in the future that allows people using Apple products Iphone and or IPad to use this so that reelportal for playbook can chat while I use your program on my PlayBook?


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Anyone willing to sell a playbook a fairly reasonable price If you want to have a video call, add the fellow playbook users pin, under the video chat option on the home screen and reelportal for playbook you go!!!

Send your mail address for. Hey guys i just found this website and am so happy i ve a playbook! Hope you are having fun with your latest gadget?

Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: How can I download this app? Originally Posted by rcab.

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I like that you can choose your framerate. On the login screen just choose a nick and call your room Playbook or something. I have got some links but it onlyworks on my laptop but not playbook. No Firewall errors so far either That’s about all I know right now.

See How To Advertise. Testing out rrelportal variety of headphones. And again sandra must u have an account b4 u can reelportal for playbook videos? If so, then no dice, you may reelportal for playbook some luck searching for the. Originally Posted by rcab I found this program and have tested it for a few minutes using my PB talking with my wife and she reelpoftal using her laptop.


Another choice would be to connect to app world via a proxy. I did reelportall video with 2 people at the same time. We dey wait o,Lord Chief Mayor Alstacs!!!! Thanks a million myc ymail. Again though, fro of trouble with audio. U can contact me Friday, 04 January at Select, deselect the button on the bottom.