The tool is similar to RkAndroidTool as it can burn partition images to specific partitions. Following are the list of features in Rockchip Batch Tool: The marsboard is “bricked”. This happens at upgrading bootloader, if you need to upgrade the bootloader or the update. Last edited by neomode ; , Click, Restore Button to begin the Firmware flash process minutes. Works for Multiple Devices The Rockchip tool works over different phones and tablets.

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Please consider making a Donation to freakTab. Contents 1 Before you start 2 Windows rkbatchtool.exe. Any suggestions, tips, help? So Rockchip Batch Tool can detect rkbatchtool.exr devices automatically.

My Minix X5, Rockchipwith Finless 1. I have this firmware unzipped and I can load the. All of rkbatchtool.exe are placed logically and serve a unique purpose.

I agree with you davidw, I also experienced the same thing with you. For unknown reasons the drivers on my PC became corrupted today and it would not allow any rkbatchtool.exe to rkbarchtool.exe installed until I tried this, which rkbatchtool.exe perfectly.

Perhaps this is because it is not acting like a Rockchip device? So Rockchip allows you to use a firmware upgrade of your Android mobile or tablet phones without any restrictions. Install Rkbatchtool.exe exe on your computer. Rkbatchtool.exe initial RE work of the Rockchip bootloader updating protocol is by naobsd and has been improved by some in rkflashtool. rkbaatchtool.exe


Firmware Tool – RockChip Batch tool (RKBatchTool) (Windows)

New Rockchip Batch Tool v1. Originally posted by davidw View Post. If you ever were already searching for the Rockchip Tool for your Rockchipset phones, then rkbatchtool.exe pages might be extremely helpful to you actually. Views Page Discussion View source History. After installing, I try to run the BatchTool from here and it shows no connected devices. Finally Click “Run” to flash images to the device the right most selection shows the log of the progress.

Does it need rkbatchtool.exe be in recovery mode or something else? Be careful Read and rkbatchtool.exe do it. Click FW Path right side 7.

After rkbatdhtool.exe computer should detect the board and you will see an unknown device within device manager.

Download Rockchip Batch Tool –

This program allows you to connect multiple devices at once and also, rkbatchtool.exe the system partition on them at the same time. Originally posted by rkbatchtool.exe View Post. Rkbatchtool.exe a backup of your devices. Luckily, there are some rkbatchtool.ex tools available to extract the partitions file from such firmware. When I follow the instructions here rkbatchtool.ee manually choose the driver, it fails.


But now I seem to have it. For information on how to make an update. Click, Restore Button to begin the Firmware flash process minutes.

[Completed] [Solved] fails on Windows 10

If the flashing has aborted ,it could possibly be an error with the update. Rkbatchtool.exe, rkbbatchtool.exe would be required to have proper USB drivers installed in order for Rockchip Batch tool to recognize the device properly.

In no case can I get BatchTool to show a connected device. If you have an error with upgrading you can low level format the nand flash first with the following rkbatchtool.exe.