Basically, there are two simple things you do when developing a new design. The Barrowman stability equations, as they are called, will help you determine if your rocket is safe to fly. So, doesn’t it make sense for you to own the finest rocketry program available? If you are a programmer yourself, you may want to tie into RockSim’s advanced features to save programming time. What that means is that you create a drawing of the rocket, and simply click a button to see how that design will perform. That coupled with the ability to custom design fins graphically is just super.

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RockSim Information

Once a new part has been added to the database, you can bring it up for any of your future rocket design too. Do you see that there are thousands rocksim software rocket designs that you can download that are only in the RockSim format? Nearly all the major rocketry manufacturers use RockSim too. RockSim has a number of features that will simplify and speed up the construction process.

Dynamic Stability rocksim software much harder to determine than “static stability. RockSim also allows you to create tube fins, and ring-tail arrangements. Another feature is the ability to create asymmetrical designs, where you have more fins and tubes on one side of the rocket than the other. They need to know science to do that.


Here are just a few: New stability overlay to see if your asymmetrical designs are stable in all axis. We started this process in version 6, when we rocksim software orcksim a XML file format I’m sorry for the techie-talk, but if you know what XML is, you’ll appreciate the advantages. I’m a student or educator! Differences in motor types and brands.

A free day trial version can be downloaded at www. Think about what you get with RockSim that you can’t get anywhere else.

Each has their own part names, even though they may be identical parts. It is cool to share rocksim software with your friends, so they can see what a great designer you are.

When spftware with the design, you will then select a rocket motor for it and RockSim will perform a comprehensive launch simulation based on weather conditions you input. It has to do with the names of parts used by manufacturers. Rocksim software is even more cool is that if you position the fin on a curved nose cone or drag-reducing boat tail. But you can just picture for yourself that rocket you created that went unstable and smashed itself into a thousand pieces.

Differences in motor types and brands.

RockSim Software officially recognized as a Certified Space Educational Product | Space Foundation

Rocksim software transition cannot have shoulder inserts specified. Click here for additional details. Setting up to fly rockets on E, F or G motors. Mathematical Equations You could spend hours and hours working through the stability equations using a pencil and a calculator. Can you honestly say you have more information about rocket science that you can teach to others?


RockSim : Apogee Rockets, Model Rocketry Excitement Starts Here

People that spend thousands of dollars on big rocketry projects trust the results of RockSim. You can have any number of fins in a fin set, even just one fin. Rocksim software do you know when you have a program that is a good value? Here is a very quick review of some of what you get when you invest in RockSim: How rockets work and what should you fly.

My 14 year old Grandson immediately started going This is accomplished with a rocket “simulation” program. Rockism certification indicates to educators and parents that RockSim can be used to stimulate and encourage a student’s interest in and knowledge about space.

The rockets, that we have already built, work exactly as predicted by Rocksim software.