Every Pad is working without Pad 5. It is also a lot more expensive than the SPD-S. If you play for a long period of time this may become uncomfortable. Refer to page 36 of the user guide. David Walker August 19, , I have learned a bunch from this site.

roland spds samples

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I have learned a bunch from this site.

Please help because we have a gig next saturday! When I play a cf imported loop on pad x and during that loop hit pad y 3 times, the loop stops playing. Then proceed normally sps formatting etc You are done!! I basically bounce pro tools files in mono format to the flash card and trigger live.


My overall plan is to use the other two triggers as the hi-hat and snare…then I ssamples have the 9 pads for other toms, cymbals, and whatever else.

This will free up some memory! Oh Lord, how I hate this thing. According spda the 1. I now have 4 different CF cards and they all work fine although only one of them was listed on the Compatibility Chart. I was looking to expand the internal memory, but this looks like its the best way involving company specs.


Roland SPD-S Sample Pad

If i try and import the wav files using card utilities they show in the list but this is no good as the memory is full! Below are the details from the manual, pg The rest of the pads in this patch are assigned to simmons drums and set to SHOT so they can be played like a kit.

I also was wondering how to make more memory on to your spd-s. The link to get the lates OS is: They are outside the Roland folder, and in alphabetical order.

roland spds samples

Mathew… Can you see the light corresponding to pad 5 turning on when you play pad 5? Once the import is complete, these. So my question is: If this is your first visit, you will need to register to post or view specific content.

Llewop October 12,7: Too late for your gig but… your problem has to do with the priority of sound elimination when there are insufficient voices available. Hi- I created a loop on the Phrase Maker.

SPD-s sampling CD – VDrums Forum

Also, the on-board sounds are of relatively good quality. Then try again from step 5. Am I doig something wrong?


I was really interested by your post yesterday about how to trigger the on-board pads of the SPD-S remotely. I can hear the keyboard through my spd-s when sampling a new wave by itself but not when resampling.

roland spds samples

I loaded some sound effects from the internet to my Flash card, but the SPD-S shows card as being “empty”. The SPD-S can only handle up to 8 voices. This is only applicable for WAVEs. David Walker August 16,9: Roland stopped their choice on using Compact Flash cards for that matter. The MIDI connection simply gives you an alternate way to trigger the pads. Still, nothing on the market compares to the SPD-S and if you are willing to spend a bit of time to find Compact Flash cards, this is a great buy.