Tracks from the album have been released on numerous compilations, the extracted 12″ ” Internal. The Saafi Brothers remix is in a minimalistic-mello-holographic form. Stefan Skoglund aka DJ L. Nirvana stretched samples, endless sweeps morphing through an extensive network of pulsating sound-scapes, which never lacks vigor and groove. Liquid Sound Design Records is very pleased to introduce the legendary Saafi Brothers as the latest addition to the label.

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Saafi Brothers on facebook www. Magic atmospheres are the elements of these audiophonic voyages if you like tunes that can tell stories. The secret of their “danceable speed” in ambient saafi brothers is a higher density of their brotheers ambient-electro sounds and rhythms to experience feelings through their deeply emotive music.

Saafi Brothers | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Soul wrenching deep and bassy ambient tunes that take a while to reach you but really grip you when they do. Your current browser isn’t compatible with SoundCloud. It was logical to see a packet of mystic cigarettes on brithers cover of our first album, designed by Saafi brothers Ghahary and a fantastic artwork by Brahma.

The result is the organic flow and deepness in Live on the Roadblog, linking the message like secret friends on the road. Live on the Roadblog CD, digital Release: Full moon, live mixed studio sessions, DJ’s, live acts, art, well being, healing Inspired by his annual travels to India, Gabriel Le Mar starts a conspiration brothhers Frankfurt-based producer Michael Kohlbecker on researching unkown spiritual flight-zones in exotic club sound environments.


Featuring the Saafi brothers Weekly best new albums and artists from The “Moving Crossroads Remixes” are focused on the same melodic character and deepness of the original track in combination with the individuality of each of the remixers sound saafi brothers.

Hence, it becomes easily discernible why these artists are in demand for commercials and film scores.

With “Live on the Roadblog” Saafi Brothers walk a deep line between ambientdub orientation and blissed out zaafi. The origins of Saafi Brothers are long and storied, their brand of smoky, world-weary ambient dub first arising from the Blue Room label.

Saafi Brothers

Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 19, In a Pumping style Saafi Brothers spin a lot of his own “electronic dubby material” – adding live overdubs and visuals.

Dynamic danceable mixes connected with the same spirit of the broghers tracks. In the beginning of Saafi Brothers, X-Dream did a great remix saafi brothers one of their first tracks and supported the project with an excellent production and progressive thinking of how to re-shape the “internal saafi brothers error” track.

Being productive and live-experienced artists since more than a decade Saafi Brothers productions and live-appearances continue. The secret of their “danceable speed” in ambient tracks is a higher density of their unique ambient-electro sounds and rhythms to saafi brothers feelings through their deeply emotive music.

Soul wrenching deep and bassy tunes to space out – off the planet once again Purchasable with gift card. An exciting journey on our way to a revealing discovery, that has helped us grow and at the same time rewarding. Error Remixes 12″ vinyl Release: Catch Me If You Can Nirvana stretched samples, endless sweeps morphing through an extensive network of pulsating sound-scapes, which never lacks vigor and groove.


A place where the musical vibrations are unlike any other. The Quality Of Being One: Video animation by Ivi Mo. True, in this 20 brotherss we also learned something saafi brothers travelling and the spirit of timeless beauty, but above all it is our friendship that keeps the rhythm beating.

Saafi Brothers – The Quality Of Being One | Liquid Sound Design

It combines energized titles from the album “Supernatural” and Saafi alltime favorites. A lot of saafi brothers material here has a “deceptive sense of duality”. Opening the mighty Ozora Festival. They were part of the cultstatus titled german TV-show called “SpaceNight on BR3” and are asked for remixes for other artists, among them are reggae legend Bob Marley, leading german hip hop group Die Fantastischen Vier or british new wave poetress Anne Clark.