Against the background of a worldwide gloomy economic outlook and high unemployment rate, the characters will inspire laughter and empathy from those in and even out of the workforce. She also described the drama as a buffet where one can enjoy multiple genres including comedy, action, suspense and romance to get a well-rounded show. Actor Lee Beom-su plays the main character Yu Bang, who after years of unemployment, volunteers to be a lab mouse for Cheonha, a pharmaceutical conglomerate led by Jin Si-hwang played by veteran actor Lee Duk-wha. She swears, she dresses unconventionally … some people will find her obnoxious including her habits like mixing English with Korean in her speech. Filming is expected to start on November 17th so hopefully, further news and pictures will develop.

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Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. He had been practicing for this scene, and not long after, he managed to pull off the action sequence salarymman like a real martial artist.

It all began three months ago when Chunha began trial testing for their new medicine.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk & SHINee’s Key release “Bravo” for ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji’ OST

A Thousand Days’ Promise. This page was last edited on 19 Julyat Posted November 24, In exchange for a job recommendation from Ho-hae, Yoo-bang agrees to join the trial testing and steal information about the drug. Jung said she was drawn to her character because she is unique in the Korean salarymaj scene where women are often depicted as obedient, conventional, and conservative. December 25, ‘History of Salaryman,’ comic tribute to breadwinners Dho Noh Hyun-gi leann koreatimes.


I hope it shows in my work.

In history, Liu won and established the Han Dynasty B. This drama depicts slaryman trial and tribulations of the average salaryman, from humble beginnings to success. Posted January 3, Lee Bum Soo had to go to extremes for his drama, even running meters carrying Hong Soo Hyun in his arms with flames chasing him from behind.

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Promotional poster for History of a Salaryman. Just finished the first episode and even sa,aryman I had no idea what they were saying Choi signs up for the experiment undercover to steal the new drug.

Posted November 13, Lee said he first read the original story when he was in elementary school and was impressed by the charismatic Liu.

Yu, who has a strong provincial accent, ki becoming desperate after so many years out of work.

Super Junior Lee Teuk and SHINee Key participates in ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji’ OST : News : KpopStarz

Views Read Edit View history. Choi only knows to play by xalaryman book aalaryman detests people like Yu slaaryman work their way around the rules. Spoiled rich girl Yeo-chi is undergoing training because her grandfather wants her to inherit Chunha one day, though she herself is completely uninterested.

History of a Salaryman Promotional poster for History of a Salaryman. To make the scene seem more realistic, the producers installed real gas bombs inside the bunker, supervised by two fire trucks and an ambulance from outside.


I hope it is a good drama since I really can not get it! Because the shoot would be a dangerous one, Lee Bum Soo seemed a bit tense at first, but after smiling in front of the camera and calming himself down, he continued to prepare calmly for the shoot. How did things come to this? Scarlet Heart Ryeo Dr. Sign Salaryman cho han ji ost Sign Up.

By kaiskloset Started November 14, By minseojoon Started June 17, Look forward to it”. Against the background of a worldwide gloomy economic outlook and high unemployment rate, the characters will inspire laughter owt empathy from those in and even out of the workforce. Posted December 23, I really likes the madness behind all the promotional shoot and posters that had been release it has a very different kind of sense of humour underlying and i bet many of those who is not the biggest fan of this drama might will only reagard its as a nonsensical drama but looking at the team, salaryman cho han ji ost its going to surprised everyone SALARYMAN TEAM HWAITING proves to everyone this drama is gonna get everyone stand up and jump of their sock ha ha ha ha!