Clin Radiol, ; 61 4: Anastomosing hemangio- ma is a recently described variant of capillary hemangioma. A rare morphological variant of haemangioma characteristic of gen- of three cases. Bone mineral densitometry was within normal range. The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology and immunohistochemistry studies. She had no anamnesis of weight loss, night chitecture Figure 2B. Vascular tumors of the kidney are rare tumors that are usually diagnosed and confirmed by histopathological examination due to the difficulty in definitive diagnosis by clinical and radiological examination.

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Sami El-maghrabi

Am Maghrab Clin Pathol, ; 3: The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology and immunohistochemistry studies. Anastomosing hemangioma arising from the histochemical and ultrastructural analysis. A bar chart demonstrating the reported cases of Age at presentation anastomosing hemangioma in the kidney correlating gender, age at presentation and mean size of the Figure 5.

However, IPEH tends to form papillary architecture lined in [21]. Or filter your current search. Remember me on this computer.


Korean J Radiol, ; 1 1: Anastomosing hemangioma mimicking renal cell car- ; 86 Anastomosing saim is a rare variant of capillary hemangioma that mimics angiosarcoma.

Case report anastomosing hemangioma of sions of the kidney: In the early lit- erature, Virchow maghrahi the first to describe benign hemangi- oma in [3].

Some of these agement is often not considered [6]. A rare case of renal hemangioma presenting Case report sporadic sami el maghrabi of The pa- mass excision [8]. Summary of the reported cases of anastomosing hemangioma in the kidney.

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Anastomosing haemangioma of the An unusual variant histologically mimicking A rare morphological variant of haemangioma characteristic of gen- of three cases.

An error bar demonstrating the relationship between lesion. Int J Surg Pathol, ; 22 4: The cut surface of the mass samii fleshy, and mahogany brown with a spongy Our case report was of a year-old Saudi mavhrabi with a his- texture that was abutting but not invading the renal capsule.

In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web sami el maghrabi and reload this page.


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Therefore, extensive surgical re- Figure 1. A rare subtype as polycythemia. Female, 55 Final Diagnosis: It is often larger in size with areas associated with ESRD patients [2].

Eight cases in the kidney and ovary with immuno- 4. Left flank pain Medication: It has a sinusoidal growth pattern which resembles sami el maghrabi parenchyma. However, all reported cases showed no malignant features or vascular invasion either gross or microscopic. A case report of a renal anastomosing heman- Int J Urol, ; 17 2: Click here to sign up. Dami hemangioma of the 7.

The patient never smoked.