None of these events were ever shown in-comic, only discussed, so the exact mechanics of how a forge is stoked are unclear. Almost all of the Sburb discs have gone through some kind of journey. As more client-server connections are made, each new server player gets a broader selection and ten times more grist. The game appears in each universe through mysterious means. The player’s actions determine whether or not they will complete any or all of their quests, and they may choose to deviate from the rules entirely. There are no discs for Sgrub, since Sollux simply sent the Sgrub copy he made from the Frog Temple to Karkat and Aradia , and they sent it on to the remaining trolls.

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On Jane’s planet, the Land of Crypts and Helium, the aspect of infertility and the awaited arrival of life are constantly referred to, sburb game lush flora growing just visibly out of reach under the planet’s surface, occasionally breaking through the soil. Instead of using them, Dave sourced his copy of the discs from his Bro by battling him in a display of their mad skills.

In the post-scratch troll session, Sollux decoded the glyphs in Aradia’s temple, and sent copies of the game to sburb game friends.

Eventually, the trolls finished their session. Typheus is implied to be responsible for this. They can also use their Alchemiter to create useful items, such as portable sburb game or more powerful weapons for themselves, improving their fighting abilities.

John’s Hame gets the client copy from the mail, and leaves the server copy in his car.

Sburb [Homestuck] – Play online at

None of the pre-scratch kids would make much headway in their personal quests, aside from Jane and Roxy in various measures. However, they are interrupted by Jack Noir before claiming it. It is unknown how the issue of the oil would have resolved itself had he requested this from his denizen: Rose is an exception, as both the client and the server discs were never lost, and she simply had access to them from the beginning of the story. Through exposition from their sprites, the sburb game learn the objective gamd the game.


Yame may also find out their own personal quest, sburb game generally has to do with fixing a wrong committed by that planet’s denizen: Thus it is revealed that the ultimate purpose of Sburb is as a method of procreation for entire universes – a single planet is sacrificed in order to create an entirely new universe or several are sacrificed for several universeswhich may themselves propagate one or more universes, and so on.

However, Hephaestus could not do this in Davesprite’s timeline, as Jade died before entering, hence his frustration. Sburb’s distinctive logo on Earth first iteration is sburb game neon-green silhouette of a simple house, broken into six pieces. Thus, integral to the completion of Dave’s quest was bringing the Forge into the session, and Jade convincing Echidna to light the Sburb game, creating some sort of truce between Echidna and Hephaestus.

Homestuck And Hiveswap

To gxme that, he had to face his denizen, and presumably ask him to clear the sburb game. Instead, she faced great difficulty in obtaining a stable internet connection and safe place to sburb game the game from. The point of progressing gate-by-gate is to steadily gain the powers and abilities necessary to be able to fight surb defeat the denizen, which guards a huge hoard of grist. Another version of the logo, also animated but lacking its roof, signified clickable hotspots.

SBURB Session Simulator by jadedResearcher

Involved is the comparison between light waves, waves caused by falling rain, and sound waves: Jane would partially sburb game this through the augmented abilities she gain by unlocking Trickster Mode. The game begins when two players make a client-server connection.

Ideally, their server player will have already had their house built up to their second gate by this point, so the player doesn’t fall to their death if they cannot fly. Although Skaia tries to defend sburb game by redirecting meteors through defense portals, it will eventually be sburb game if the Reckoning is not stopped. GristTorrent supports this, displaying three players online and one offline even before Jade installs her client copy, though it may gamf inferred that Jade will install the client from the fact that bsurb is already running the server.


Before entering the Medium, the player had the ability to prototype their Kernelsprite with an item – virtually any item. However, Aradia was just leading him on in sburb game to convince him to create the game. Inevitably, dark ultimately wins, and the Black Kingusing the defeated White King’s scepter, then sburb game the Reckoning – a hour event that results in gaem rain of meteors upon Skaia. To clear them, John had to travel to his denizen’s palace, which resembles a large pipe organ, and play a special song on the organ within.

While the players carry out their quests, a battle takes place on the Sburb game within Skaia between the forces of light and dark. The trolls have an equivalent version of Sburb adapted by Sollux Captor based on technology found in some ruins by Aradia Megido. They were later stolen by the Draconian Dignitary. That would be one of each for each of the four kids, except Jade uses Dave’s discs, while Dave uses the discs belonging to his Bro. The trolls ‘ session offers a brief glimpse of the end of a Sburb session or, in their case, a Sgrub session: Moral of the story: