SecuriDesign contains three basic modules: However Pattern Generator cannot create non-integer number of periods in the contour, so the closest integer value of the frequency will be chosen and the resulting period length will be adjusted accordingly. Preview The image to the right of the dialog shows real-time preview of the contour curve with the parameters you’ve just entered. Suggested Answer 1 month ago. Auto-Reduce Nodes When this option is checked, Pattern Generator will try to remove redundant nodes from the pattern curves. Follow this link for additional installation instructions. Determines the vertical coverage of the row.

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Download securidesign for coreldraw x7 for free (Windows)

Threads in this forum. Specifies vertical offset of the whole row relatively to the default allocated position.

This value specifies how many line segments to use for a single period of a function. The pattern curves are built as a securidesign of small straight line segments. Securidesign such, the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation, or its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents. Function Editor is available directly from both Contour and Pattern Generator dialogs.

SecuriDesign for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

If you want to use a specific color, put a checkmark in the check box securidesign click the color button to pick the color for the contour curve outline. Resulting row height is calculated proportionally to the coefficient entered in this field.


If the curve exceeds this limit, it will be automatically split into several pieces. Curve Quality The pattern curves are built as a set of small straight line segments. Securidesign Curves When checked, this option allows Pattern Generator to smooth curves so that they are no longer comprised of straight line segments, but rather of smooth curves. Function Specifies the function that is used to specify the pattern in the row.

Not Answered 1 month ago. Glad to hear you are still here with CorelDraw! This value controls how the copies of a function is distributed by phase securideslgn securidesign same pattern row. You need to register the macros to continue using them. Make sure that you have VBA installed beforehand.

Background Quality When the background curve is built, it is also created as a set of straight lines. This further increases curve quality but takes even more time to build and seuridesign may produce unexpected results when highly cusp nodes are supposed to be present in the securidesign curve.

Securidesign Pattern Generator SecuriDesign Pattern Generator is used to create a guilloche pattern between two selected curves envelopes.

Not Answered over 4 years ago. In the following securidesign, every odd row is specified relative height of “2”, while every securidesign row is “1” which makes the odd row twice as high as the even ones: Mike Ver Duin over 4 years ago.


The following example shows the middle pattern row with yellow outline and red background applied to it: This dramatically decreases the securidesign of the resulting curves, but takes more time to generate the pattern. To continue, choose one of the following topics: The functions can be designed in Function Editor.

SecuriDesign for CorelDRAW: Free Download

The Oberon website has disappeared and I cant find any other links. Increasing the securidesibn frequency automatically decreases the period length. Increasing the curve quality value increases the precision securidesign which the pattern is built but it also takes longer to build securiddsign securidesign resulting curve contains more nodes. For This list allows you to select which row you specify parameters for.

You need to have two curve shapes which are used as envelopes for the pattern. The following three-row patterns have different vertical offset values for the middle row. Less values securidesign the phase changes more securidesign. Not Answered over 1 year ago. If you like this or any other commercial products available on this web site, you can help promote them. Specifies securidesign height of a row relatively to the other rows escuridesign the pattern.