A very well executed piece of music. And lastly, it expands the boundaries of experimentation to a whole new level. It has these alternate thumping rock beats that blend perfectly with the otherwise soothing fragrance of the track. Rastapunk August 3rd Comments. Serj Tankian Jazz-Iz-Christ 4. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, a political activist, an animal rights activist, a poet, and all in all, a true artist and a great human being.

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MW Unique Fans Globally. Fans know that Serj can unpredictable as to what he can produce Serart uz example Jazz-Iz-Christ is probably one of his best surprise. Andrewffcc August 21st Comments.

Ire August 3rd Comments. The only downside of that song is Stewart Copeland. It provides a new face to Jazz as a genre that can mix with other genres successfully. werj

REVIEW: Serj Tankian – “Jazz-Iz-Christ”

Miso Soup — Last but not the least, Miso Soup is my favourite track of the lot. Psychic Dose Maleficium Volume 1: This review isn’t very well written. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Komitas is considered a martyr of the Armenian Genocide. This album sure tankixn a refreshing change and an answer to those who doubted him of his musical knowledge. Pretty good review, though the conclusion’s a little anti-climactic.


Serj Tankian – Jazz-Iz-Christ – Yerevan to Paris

Don’t expect this album to be a “normal” jazz record, it isn’t. Rastapunk August 30th Comments. The melancholic vocals squeeze the emotions out of your heart so curist. Unless Tankian deliberately wanted to keep it strictly soft. Jazz-iz Christ is his fifth studio album, and as the name suggests, is a multi-genre jazz album. Sorry I like Serj’s solo stuff quite a bit, specifically Harakiri.

ALBUM: Serj Tankian – Jazz-iz Christ | DEAD PRESS! | It’s more than “just music” to us

An orca serj tankian jazz iz christ really a dolphin with much darker tendencies. Two deserving mentions include Balcony Chats, which suits serj tankian jazz iz christ soundtrack of a neo-noir film perfectly. Arpeggio Burst — As the name suggests, after a flow of synths and piano fills, the song bursts into an arpeggio section played on the piano, flute, and trumpet.

Tigran Hamasyan on the piano. And I’m not sure I really care. On 2 Music Lists. Although Fish Don’t Scream starts like a normal jazz album, you will soon understand what I mean, and understand what is jazz fusion. The primary reason I selected this song is, that throughout the album, Valeri, Tigran and Tom prove that they make a magnificent jazz trio, and in this song they sport it perfectly. Most of the songs are instrumentals and Serj Tankian sings on only three of them Valeri Tostlov sings on End Of Time with a sensual voice.


The album proceeds to impress with a wide variety of instrumental clusters not just restricted to jazz, but reaching out to psychedelic, progressive, spacey, atmospheric, electronic and symphonic sounds. You can hate the album and not agree with the rating and the review be well written. It might be hard to appreciate this album if you’re not used to this genre but if you used to it, this is an excellent album.

Elect The Dead Symphony. Serj Tankian Jazz-Iz-Christ 4. Far from being a negative point, this might be a turn off to many fans used to the “usual” music of Serj Tankian. He is the frontman of System Of A Down and has released many solo albums.