Oxford University Press, , —80; and Joshua D. Memory is also a technique of acquiring knowledge through the act of memorization. It also asks how the memories of conflict and war are reflected in the music that incorporates elements of different musical traditions. University of Chicago Press, , It encompasses a group and a solo section. The introductory part can be interpreted as a musical depiction of the silence that hung over the city in the aftermath of the attack. In this style, each musician performs his own interpretation of the signs.

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You are painting a picture and so the details are important, but sient need to just keep [going]. The piece takes an unexpected turn and a festive and cheerful melody with a dance rhythm is introduced.

silent city kayhan kalhor Since shur is more flexible than other modes within the Iranian radifit can be easily integrated with other musics. When I awoke, there were hundreds of bodies scattered around me. Kalhor describes the group-improvised movements in the Persian liner notes of Silent City:. Oxford University Press, Mark Suter percussionistJeff Beecher bassistand Siamak Aghayi santur player are the added line-up to this track.

It starts from a bad situation and gradually the situation becomes better.


For the first time, a clear melody, a familiar one can be heard. And I think Silent City in some way[s] was dedicated to Halabja.

Silent city kayhan kalhor by the tragic chemical attack on Halabja, Kalhor dedicated Silent City to the victims of that tragedy.

Then I smelled something that was like eggs. An important constitutive factor in the creation of Silent City is its mode. Silent City is a piece that is formed through the encounter of two distinct musical traditions: After the introductory part, the musicians start echoing each other in a chaotic fashion.

This opinion is also shared by Iranian musicologist Hormoz Farhat: All the celestial stones come and pass beside you. That was a very, very sad event. After a while many of [the] musicians left and many stayed. Dissonances can be heard less frequently.

Silent City

These models, which serve the basis for silent city kayhan kalhor, are systematically divided into seven primary melodic sets or modes known as dastgah pl. Indeed, he employs a rhetoric that lends shur a universality, thus implying that its prevalence makes understanding, performing, and communicating with the piece easier.

These rules are, however, not explicitly determined. Cambridge University Press, ; and Debra A. The reason, however, for choosing a Kalohr theme for Silent City cannot only be ascribed to his interest in Kurdish music.


The improvised part forms the first and the largest part of the piece. I always wanted to do something to remember that. It provides them with the tool to interact with each other and go on a musical journey together, which has a specific goal. The music becomes louder. For him, the indeterminacy of those elements makes the piece more interesting and gives them the liberty to perform silent city kayhan kalhor differently each time.

The echoes that are part of the improvisation represent [sic] hope for life xity it returns slowly.

‎Silent City – EP by Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider on Apple Music

Today, Iranians work with about six or seven well-known radif-ha pl. Not in a sense of this happened and then this happened. This shared narrative is also crucial in creating a sense of trust among the musicians. Something like an irregularity kayha regularity: