Rim, 59 god do nashej ehry. What drove the two clever, ambitious, determined men who masterminded these military campaigns? Gate of the Dead. The enemy is butchering their supply convoys, their garrison town is starving and the truce with the locals is uneasy at best. He now writes full time, but does intend to return to teaching when he can find the time. Simon’s novels have been published in the USA and in translation all around the world.

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Marcus Valerius Pavo, the high-born gladiator with a string of impressive victories to his name, sworn to seek revenge for the brutal murder of his father. I’ve read ten of these in a row and I’m off to start book eleven right now! A must read for fans of Robert Harris. A must read simon scarrow the legion ebook fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden. Young Cato continues to mature and come of age, while the grizzled experienced Centurion Macro acts as mentor and shows us how things would be perceived through the eyes of a seasoned Roman Centurion.

Simon scarrow the legion ebook download

This is a very engrossing sbook enjoyable novel. November eBook of the Month. But the Britons are fighting back with Roman weapons – which means someone in their own ranks is supplying arms to the enemy. The Cross and the Curse. A true achievement of the book, to have the back drop of these personal turmoil’s whilst not taking away the action sion the pace and the drama.


Marcus is torn between his friend and master.

This particular novel is set in Egypt – Rome’s bread-basket – and follows Cato who, for the first time in the series as a whole, has more responsibility than Macro and Macro’s search to hunt down the renegade Gladiator Simon scarrow the legion ebook, who escaped from Crete at the end of the previous novel.

This review is from: Roman Legion 4 English Edition. Till now, the only Scarrow I’d read was his multi-volume masterpiece on Napoleon and Wellington, which was very well done. The fifth and final instalment in Simon Scarrow’s electrifying ARENA series sees gladiator Pavo face his most gruelling battle yet as strives to avenge his father’s death. After certain events Cato finds himself in charge of the twenty second legion, who are whipped into shape after their policing role in Egypt away from front line duties.

My indulgence of the story was delayed by flu but as soon simon scarrow the legion ebook I was better I picked up from where I’d left off and so did the action on sea and land.

What follows is another great story which is concluded with one of the largest battles in the series so far. Britannia Book 3 of the Veteran of Rome Series.

The Legion

The boy is in your charge. Aber Marcus kann seine Vergangenheit nicht vergessen: The latter being somewhat absent since the characters left Britannia soil around 5 books ago. If you like reading Historical fiction then this is a must because Simon is clearly one of the iconic writers of the genre, he sets the standard for others to follow.


Would lsgion like us to take another look at this review? The characters were cardboard. It was a simon scarrow the legion ebook interesting read following our hero’s and villian to Egypt, then through the swamps. The one most feeling I felt was excitement.

The Legion (Eagle, #10) by Simon Scarrow

Still raw after a notorious serial killer slipped through her net, Rose will do whatever it takes – including putting her own life at risk – to nail the perpetrator this time. Book 1 English Edition. That all seems good and plausible.

During the freezing winter, the two men and their legion fight the native savages in hand-to-hand battles that haunt Cato for days after. He is the author with T. Invictus Eagles simon scarrow the legion ebook the Empire The victim was alone at home with no signs of forced entry. Praise for Simon Scarrow’s compelling historical novels: