Ease of use but practically useful for the expert user. My advice would be to make use of the manual, pop-up text on rollover to understand all the features and make use of the example models of which there are many. Easy to use software that allows you to create simulations with precision, flexibility and speed. If you have a problem and need support you will receive it more than likely the same day! My training was incredibly hands-on and very well done. I have had a great experience with the product and would recommend it to anyone.

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Students love the profeesional interface and find it very easy to use. Even more powerful with “Visual Logic” allows you to add complexities and nuances to your simulation in a way that reflects your real life system and processes. However, SIMUL8 implements a two-way interface with Visual Basicwhich leaves space for creation of advanced model features, which cannot be modeled using only the graphical interface.

Plus, you get to know simul8 professional instructor who is willing to answer questions if you run into a sticky question you can’t answer on your own.

SIMUL8 Professional

I have looked at alternative packages to use in our teaching, but have always found that this sofware is professoonal easy to use and to teach. SIMUL8’s “Visual Logic” contains enough commands and logical constructs to capture coding conditional events throughout complex areas within the simul8 professional. Simul8 represents, for us, the best value for capability and value for support from the one we know.


Simul8 professional also provides its own simulation language based on Visual Basic called Visual Simul8 professional, which allows the user to implement detailed logic of the simulation.

Easy to use software that allows you to simul8 professional simulations with precision, simul8 professional and speed. It is not wrong to say this is proved to be the superb simulation package. It also has a very useful tools for linking the models to an environment based on a computing visual language.

Simulation Made Easy and yet Pgofessional for Experts. Get Best Price Professiinal a quote. They’re extremely helpful and will prodessional provide you with an answer, but they’ll also always provide additional information on the topic that’s troubling you and will help teach you how to find the solution, so this particular problem won’t trouble you in the future. Government Simul8 professional, employees.

Customer support is first rate. I work in Healthcase and there are many opportunities to use this software. Struggle to find answers to my particular visual logic problems online – always require customer support Overall: Call Send a quick message. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I teach simulation model under Simul8, because it is a very easy way for learning system simulation by using Simul8.

Useful and Brilliant simulation product. At times it feels a bit more clumsy and slow than other software. It’s the first simulation software I’ve ever used and after being introduced to other available software it will also be the last software I use. It also has a set of very useful statistical reports, which allow users to analysis the system under study in an easy way.


ProprietaryConcurrent User Licensing.

Simulation-based solutions from Novasim – SIMUL8 Experts – SIMUL8 Professional

I have been using different professioal simul8 professional Simul8 over the past ten years. Very easy to learn and use, great range of functionality options Cons: The company is always looking for ways to porfessional their software and provide regular updates to enhance the functionality.

Simul8 has no design experience scheme that help the modeller to analysis different scenarios in an easy way, what would allows one to study the modelled system under different situations.

Improvements to transportation and logistics. We have used with the students the software to model complex systems, inclusing professiona simulation of Euston station arrivals and departure and we found the software was more than adequate to model what simul8 professional needed. I appreciated the user friendly application with robust functionality. My training was incredibly hands-on and very well done.

They represent sequences of activities and thus the movement of entities in the system.