However, if an any Plugin is also created as an ‘Extension’, then whatever details the author has provided within his own code itself will then be available to use in its ‘Extensions Manager’ listing. When it will be stable Skelion will change if it is necessary. PV Monitoring solutions Solar Inverter monitoring Non inverter dependent multi-brand Solar Thermal softwares Free solar thermal softwares Professional solar thermal softwares. I just downloaded the V5. Figuring out the Skelion interface didn’t take too long with the help of Juan Pons the creator of Skelion since he is so quick to reply to emails.

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If this gets worked out, will it be posted somewhere for skelion pro who do want to get this working in ? Anyone in the forum who has Skelion working with Sketchup Pro? Can you please let me know how to fix it?

So even un-hosted Plugins which are Extensions get details in that Manager When i pick any button on Skelion toolbar, an empty window appeared on the screen, and I can’t do anything. Services Shop Advertise with us. I have been using Skelion skslion skelion pro a few months and it is a great tool. The simple rooftop layout shown in the attached file took 5 minutes and I know the row spacing is correct without doing the math.


Hope you can help out a bit.


But size and position of solar panels are right. Am I missing something? I can not find out which action makes SketchUp crahs, but I will try to find it. But all I get is an UI message box which looks to mean there is some bust in accessing the skelion files? This comes about because each Plugin’s ‘Plugins Manager’ details are assembled from the entries which the author has provided skelion pro its PluginStore data-base. You need to open SketchUp files dragging them over SketchUp shortcut.

If I go to View and Toolbars, the Skelion extension isn’t listed, so this seems to be where the bust is. Skelion pro open file and repeat action again.

Skelion Pro. Sketchup Skelion solar design plugin renewable energy.

For a ground mount where no building must be drawn I can create utility scale layouts in minutes. I also tried installing via SU but the same thing happened. According to the user guide 5. Free skelion pro calculation and simulation of solar photovoltaic electrical power in Skeloin, Asia and Africa.

Thanks for the Skelion. Is this something I can do myself?


Mon Jul 15, 2: I email him several more times and ask if I can just reload the old version I supposedly slelion and get reauthorized so I can get back to work and he stops answering my emails.

Skelion pro Aiyer Operating system: You can even get a free 30 day trial period with Helioscope so check it out if you are a serious PV Designer who needs a serious tool: How do I update to point to the new PVWatts.

Learning SketchUp Pro 2015 by Dan Brown

Joe Bramblett Operating system: They are working to fix that. I now start every project in Sketchup with Skelion and then go to my cad program to finish the customer presentation. Can anyone help me? He even added some features I requested in one of my emails. Sun Jan skelioh, I just wanted to thank you for an affordable time saver Skelion plugin gives Sketchup the possibility to insert solar skelion pro very fast and make fast renewable solar energy studies.