If you specified the Axis as ‘A’ a special dialog asks for the Angle. The typed in value assumes current-units, you can add a suffix to use an alternative – e. Make sure you select it before running the slicer script. Net Blog is powered by WordPress 5. Donate Log in to Get It!

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Select the desires Axis from the list. It is a group located to the max-extents of the Sliced Object.

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SketchUp Training Modelling Services. You will find the Slicer tools under the following menu location: It defaults to that Thickness, but allows you to specify a different Thickness value for the second set of Slices. Minor adjusts to dialogs’ text, minor layout glitches etc. Here was my process. The typed in value assumes current-units, you can add a suffix to use an alternative — e. This extension allows you to really customize the location and mapping of your materials within your SketchUp models.

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Het gebruik van software, downloads, scripts en uitleg op deze website is geheel op eigen risico, DomoticX is niet aansprakelijk voor de schade die, rechtstreeks of onrechtstreeks het gevolg is van gebruik van deze website! You can also activate the Slicer tools from the toolbar. The Slice-set is given a unique random 4 digit code — e. The first and last Slices Spacings are automatically adjusted to fit within the sliver3 of the Sliced Object and any Insets [see below].


The specified Spacing is measured perpendicular to the Slices. I thought it might be neat to try using Slicer3 on some 3D terrain from Google Sietchup. Take a look at what I was able to do with Slicer3: X’ and then used ‘Make Unique’ on it to make a new Component say ‘ It will have all of the the Slicer 3 functions, with sllcer3 enhanced UI, and could include additional features such as transfer of textures from the form to the slices, a rib-slice, a slot maker and a ‘slotter’ function that sketchu; take two differently axised sliced-groups and intersect them to make another version, with slots added so when made into a physical model their slices can be slotted together into a ‘locked’ 3D form If you answer Yes then after the Slices have been made an additional status-bar message ‘Outlining.

The default is 0. Make sure to check out my tutorials page slixer3 see more SketchUp tutorials! Also remember to add an instances of any new Slices [from the Component Browser slice3 that they start ‘flat’ on the cursor] into any corresponding FLAT group [although an Audit will also tell you if you forget to do it!

Slicr3 Extensions Manager dialog. Followme will fail with small pipes and tight radii] and the Slicing will not be successful.

Even integers are objects so you can do things like this. One of the areas where a base SketchUp installation lacks a bit is in the animation functions. For turning a piece of digital terrain into a physical model, it’s a godsend. Slicer5 now runs… It reports its progress in the Status Bar… The Slice-set is given a unique random 4 digit code — e. Shameless self-promotion is well, shameless, and will get canned.


No spam, just great SketchUp tutorials! Thanks and regrds Aniruddha. With this option the Spacing is also auto-set to ‘0’, and the Slices are equally spaced – therefore there is a dialog asking for the ‘Number of Spaces’, showing the Angle subtended from the Origin to the extremities of the Sliced Object. As with other axes if you specify say 7 Spaces you will get 8 Slices, unless the Sliced3 is with or touching the bounds of the Sliced Object on a side, in which case the number of Slices is slider3 number of Spaces.

Sketchup plugin – Slicer5

The photocopying, the tracing, the hundreds of dollars spent on wasted reams of chipboard — I can smell the spray mount sketcgup thinking about it. The Text Height is set in the next option… Text Height:. If you have specified a Spacing of ‘0’ for an axis then another dialog opens asking you for addition values for the ‘Spaces’ You tell it what spacing to use, how thick the slices should be and which direction to cut, and it does the rest.