Among the tools dedicated to this purpose, SoundScriber aims to make transcribing an easier task for anyone, even for beginners. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. The soft vinyl medium limited the number of times a disc could be played back without degradation of the audio quality. SoundScriber was reviewed by Olivian Puha. All these features are user-configurable, and a Windows Help file is provided.

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Description SoundScriber magnetic tape.


Views View Edit History. And soundscriber, back to the WOWO tapes themselves: Information presented on this site is for research and enjoyment only.

This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat Soundscriber Morton spent nearly three months tracking down literally dozens of parts and lovingly rebuilding these two machines to like-new soundscriber.

The music quality is marginal, since the SoundScriber was designed primarily to record voice. Certain features of the program, such as variable speed playback, are not available with all file types.

To download a copy of the SoundScriber program, click soundscribrr one of these links: Each tape included soundscriber certification sheet with the signature soundzcriber each air soundscriber or board operator on duty, with the time they started and ended their shift. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

It turned out be soundscriber a format called SoundScriber. Physical audio recording formats. This material is presented as an historical tribute, and complies with current copyright laws regarding “Fair Use,” and “Incidental Use” of copyrighted material.


He generously has trusted us with it, on indefinite loan for this project.

File:SoundScriber magnetic – Wikimedia Commons

We already have more than 15 hours of them posted on the airchecks page, but it will take months and months to post all the tapes we borrowed from WOWO’s archives. This file contains additional information such as Soundscriber metadata which may soundscriber been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Group W produced several programs that were syndicated and bicycled around the country and so they used lots soundscribfr quad tape.

Based on the internal components, it appears that one soundscriber manufactured inthe other in There are no soundscriber directions besides extracting the files to the same folder. Audiovisual introductions in Audio storage in technology Products introduced in Brand name products stubs.

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Among the soundscriber, John recognized the somewhat obscure SoundScriber machine and saved it from the landfill, not knowing what he would do with it. The soundscriber can open any file Media Player can, including wave audio files. Summary [ edit ] Description SoundScriber magnetic tape.

John had been a 19 year-old boy wonder who worked as soundscriber vacation-relief transmitter tech at WOWO in the summer ofright after he had received his First Class FCC license.

Soundscriber 200

The most coveted feature of SoundScriber is the ability to ‘walk’ through a recording and allow the listener to have the ‘steps’ retraced automatically. With no soundscriber manual or even a schematic, John spent many hours restoring the unit to like-new condition in November So, counting the original unit loaned soundscriber us by John we now know of three Soundscriber machines in good working order!


They soundscriber were recorded on specialized, very slow-speed tape machines and were of fairly poor quality.

By moving the indicator from the default position 0 is for normal speedyou can make the soundscriber speed up or slow down to a pace that you find comfortable. Retrieved from ” https: Neither machine would even power up. Many large radio stations ran what were called logger tapes for legal reasons.

Audio quality of these recordings wasn’t great, but for lack of any better technology, radio stations began using them as loggers soundscriber the s.

The source code soundscriber SoundScriber is available here. But they could at least soundscriber if a spot was broadcast at the correct time, when a transmitter outage occurred or if a bad word made it on the air.