Grab the frames that are scattered around the puzzle and place them in the right location. This game will not work on your operating system. Pick up the rope next to the throne. Clean the Fuel Mini Game Grab the flask from inventory and place it on the sparkly spot in the back of the room to open Mini-game. Your goal is to pick up the pieces of glass that fell on the ground. From the inventory box, drag the teapot to the cup and you will now have a cup with water in your inventory.

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Mechanism Puzzle You have to light up the markers with the ball. Which Windows OS versions does it run on? You will not be able to pick up items until the bubbles disappear. Collect the 13 Barrel Organ Parts All the barrel organ pieces are in yellow. Click on the numeric padlock in sprill and ritchie lower right corner.

Grab the firewood on the right and place it on the fire as well.

The modern items from the wall are in yellow. Once all the items have been collected, drag the items into the jewelry case. If the image is incorrect, you may have to undo some moves so you can reposition the molecules correctly. Pick up the roll of tape in the lower center of the scene and place it on the diagram located in the inventory box. If you make a mistake the Cracken laughs sprill and ritchie you and shakes the screen up a bit.


Now you can connect the torso part of the robot red items. Castle Mini-game Click on the jewelry box on the chair to open a mini-game. What do people think about it?

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Level 25 Collect 20 Pills Collect all the pills and place them in the sparkly pill bottle. Which OS releases does it run on? Each stick figure is connected in certain areas. Click on the safe on the back wall to open a mini-game. The monster will eat the candy and will throw a sneaker on the floor as soon as it is done eating, click sprill and ritchie the sneaker. Pick up the small ball that shows up on top of that wall.

Click on the lock of the treasure chest in the lower left side ritchif the scene to open a mini-game. Get bigger graphics, more levels, and game progress you can save!

Collect all the Roman numerals in the room and place them on the clock to open a mini-game. Click on the green button when you are ready to drop the next atom. Please move the tiles according amd the image on the screenshot. The inventory items are highlighted in red. Collect Chess Pieces Grab the chessboard next to the bed sprill and ritchie it will go into inventory. The mannequins are painted in black. Two little foxes a scientist and a traveler are out to save the world from an invasion of aliens.


Please look at the screenshot for the location of all the items. Collect 11 Glass Fragments Please collect all of the glass fragments according to the screenshot.

Thanks for submitting the review below. The glass cutter will go into inventory.

Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time Walkthrough

The hat will not stay put and sprjll lands on the basket next to the gold stand. Click on a weight and place it on the scale. Place the hat back on the coals and immediately after place the rope on top of the hat.