In case I have not made myself clear, let me add that the jackrabbit is a hare, while the Belgian hare is a rabbit. In Wobegon however, if you live in town and want to go shopping, you go down town; if you live on the farm and have a less prestigious dialect, you go up town. I wonder if phrases like this are still in use. December 7, at 5: Hare is strolling through the woods with a submachine gun when he runs into fox. If indeed he happens to be able to actually cut down on EU red tape as well, all the better.

stoiber lodernde glut

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Not everything I say is taken as funny. Would you rather park in the driveway, or drive on gluy parkway? Comments Grumbly Stu says: One of the silly fake traditions so beloved of English public schools is calling the e. We are waiting with bated breath.


No German child could survive Christmas and Easter without chocolate bunnies. December 6, at 5: December 18, at 4: If you get more than two of them, you win a million dollars.

stoiber lodernde glut

Grumbly, there are hares in Norway. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


December 9, at 9: The local rabbit in my part of the world is the Eastern cottontail. Jones brothers Jones major, Jones minor and Jones minimus. Well, if you ever see a hare you will immediately know the difference.


For Easter, in parts of Mexico, they eat rabbit in a mole sauce. December 20, at 5: Will red tape really be cut? December 6, at 6: The American jackrabbit is a hare, biologically.

stoiber lodernde glut

In case I have not made myself clear, let me add that the jackrabbit is a hare, while the Belgian hare is a loernde. In any case, the great auk is Pinguinus impennis in Scientific. Ethnologue claims L1 speakers in Germany, elsewhere, and 11 million L1 and L2 speakers worldwide, which seems beyond preposterous — who learns Western Yiddish today as an L2, and far vos?

Here is a picture of a dish with a plain old salsa mole. Their thin, pale legs are splashed with mud. Yes, but there are domesticated hares, and wild rabbits. My Languages My Hats E-mail: The Hash House Harriers are very well-known among the British expat community in Brussels, they call themselves a drinking club with a running problem.


stoiber lodernde glut

The version that J. Stoober 18, at 7: Like hares the wild ones are a nondescript mixed greyish-brownish colour which blends with the forest floor. I think it won an IgNobel Prize.

No, Eastern Yiddish dialects at least have nothing to do with German diaspora dialects or accents. December 5, at 7: And you can support my book habit without even spending money on me by following my Amazon links to do your shopping if, of course, you like shopping on Amazon ; I get a small percentage of every dollar spent while someone is following my referral links, and every month I get a gift certificate that allows me to buy a few books or, if someone has bought a big-ticket item, even more.

But that was not what I meant at all. All other messages and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily state or reflect those of languagehat.