Previously limited to 10,, those working on huge projects would often have to split their models up into bite-sized chunks. In StruCad we had to work around which caused errors and costly changes. I can’t lie there is none, but switching to Tekla it is like getting used to driving a new car. Building on this, Version 11 sees the introduction of a dedicated estimating module, a wizard style utility built into StruCad that can be used to calculate the cost of a model. It provides an extensive array of parametric modelling tools, enabling users to model entire steelwork structures in 3D – down to the last notch, plate and bolt – then automatically generate drawings, material lists, and CAM data.

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The drawing options and different styles are important for us as a subcontracting drawing office, as we can jump from one client to another and their drawing style.

From StruCad to Tekla – time to move on?

This PFD again has srucad interesting strucad software that Strucad software am currently digesting. Revit Extensions for Autodesk Revit Structure. StruCad is a 3D structural steel detailing and information management system, with rapid automatic fabrication shop drawing and CNC production delivery. Tools for all market sectors: Building on this, Version 11 sees the introduction of a dedicated estimating module, a wizard style utility built into StruCad that can be used to calculate the cost of a model.

Once you have signed the agreement with Tekla you are also agreeing to terminate your equivalent StruCad licence before the end ofthis is a key part of the agreement and is why Tekla are providing you with a free copy of Tekla Structures.


From StruCad to Tekla – time to move on? | Tekla

It helps to keep the project costs down, as you see what you are doing in terms of connections. Analysis Professional software provides structural As part of the agreement, AceCad will be working closely with Tekla as we continue to develop and take to market our StruM. Thursday, November 22 th Trough this webinar we will demonstrate a number of the features and enhancements that Strucad customers require. By leaving you with access to your Strucad licences for a period to be agreed with strucad software Tekla representative it allows you to transition to Tekla without affecting your current strucad software and profitability.

We benchmarked our first two jobs, and I hate to say this, but actually Tekla beat StruCad!

What actually happened to StruCad? • sketchUcation • 1

Strucad software May 08, Still not made a decision about your StruCad upgrade? What I have a problem with, is that there has been very little response either here or in any other forums from Trimble. What our customers are saying: We are very happy with moving to Tekla.

Why should a steel detailer run Tekla on his computer? StruCad V11 includes standard Windows toolbars, complete with tooltips. During strucad software calendar year we usually deliver one main release and softwage progress release The Readme contains the latest information regarding the installation and use of this Service Pack.

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Tekla software has traditionally strucad software used in construction industry, and even concrete builders use it. You can dig a hole with your hands, get sore hands and need get your nails done, or use a spade, dig the hole quicker and have calluses on your hands. This site uses cookies.


Centralizing data into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated project management and delivery that translates into increased productivity and elimination of waste.

Despite all these enhancements, AceCad still has a little way to go before completing all of its ambitions for StruCad V Tue Feb 08, Tekla has confirmed that you will continue to be provided with the same level of customer service that you have been used to receiving from AceCad as the StruCad Technical Support team will be strucad software to Softdare, who will also be utilising strucad software AceCad StruCad development team to deliver service releases for the continuity and effective use of StruCad and StruEngineer software.

The StruServices – steel detailing team have extensive experience as a result of working on a variety of worldwide contracts, all differing in complexity and often with high architectural or intricate industrial content.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional. Thursday, November 29 th We recommend you spend some time learning about all the information our Extranet has softwarw offer. Autodesk Revit Structure