Sun Mar 21, Otherwise export your model to an STL file and you can smooth it or remesh it using the free Meshlab program. Users browsing this forum: Manual updates may be performed by clicking the ‘Update Subsurface’ button. Wed Jan 23, 9: Upsample increases the resolution of the selected surface, while preserving hard curved and linear edges, and smoothness of the interpolated surface. Wed Mar 02, 3:

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By using proxy mode, two new materials will be added to your SKP file.

Operation on a Component. Sat Mar 22, 1: Is there a way to use this concept to subdivide the mesh without making it spherical, simply remove the tension that pushes the mesh as a sphere. I cant dl the file cause when i click in link just open a new windows with some codes. Hi, ive used mac when i had my first time trying this plug-in and the result was pretty cool.

When I click on the file link, a file open dialog pops up and gives the option to open or save the file. Committing the Sub-Smoothed Model. In the figure above, the green vertices and edges have been creased. Contact me and I’ll send you the files.


Subdivide and smooth sketchup install the plugin see above for methods Re-start Sketchup, there should now be an extra option “Loop subdivide smooth” in the tools menu To use the plugin select your model and click “Loop subdivide smooth” in the tools menu. Operation on a Selection of Faces.

Sketchup Loop Subdivision Smooth Plugin | guitar-list

This plugin is opensource, so I welcome any improvements in the code. I am just starting and exploring sketcjup idea of using flat subdivide and smooth sketchup panels instead of compound curves. Users who are not experienced in subdivision modelling may have some initial difficulty in understanding the relationship between the proxy and the subdivided model subsurf. Changing the Number of Iterations. I would be grateful if any other Mac users could verify this problem.

Also when smoothing components the face materials are lost in the smoothed object. I sketchyp tried simpler shapes.

More repeats gives a smoother model, but also takes longer, so try 1 or 2 first. However, this mode can be a bit unstable at times.

Smooth Plugin to subdivide and smooth sketchup bigpond. Hi can it be instal in sketchupand how? These layers may be used to control the visibility of the proxy dubdivide the sub-smoothed model. Do not use other SketchUp plugins to edit a proxy while in proxy mode. Double-click the transparent proxy to begin editing the proxy.


To install the plugin you need to download the file above loop-subdiv. Sun Mar 21, Ahd faces, a group, or a component and then click the icon on the Artisan toolbar. Alternative installation instructions for Sketchup – using plain ruby file If using the above method does not work, this is an alternative method which will work on Sketchup I like you name “guitar-list”. Since the proxy faces are located on the ‘Proxy’ layer, you may wish to simply hide this layer in case you need the proxy later.

So, yes, you can subdivide only, subdivide and smooth sketchup Smooth Selection, smooth only.

Subdivide and Smooth Examples

This will help when calculating radiosity in Renderlights, a simple room with subdivided mesh will just look much better on the rediosity engine. This is done by clicking the Tgi3D SU AMorph’s “upsample” command a few times depending on subdivid level of detail you want.

It “works” but the results i get are all fucked up!!