Guru har rai ran a Pharmacy.. The device has given me a shock several times as its function when my heart beats shoot up beyond certain beats. So, Sadh Sangat, today’s journey had a very special significance because I spent 2 hours chatting with my late Mum. But you should take the shelter of Baani not of medicine, because if you will not take medicine then we are going against the worldly tradition. One day Wazir Khan noted that as Sikh passed by reciting some words and as long he heard the voice of that Sikh for that period he got relief from the pain. Satguru germinated a yearning to write such hymns which might make successful all the breaths of men, which they breath in one full day. Doctor has told us that now child is out of danger.

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When we rise 24 Second Special Characteristic early in the morning it would be a time to get up but our mind would guide us to sleep again. We are not able to pass your tests, please take my hand and show me the right path. Here I mention about some holymen. Seven of maternal parents, seven of paternal forefathers and seven of father in laws. Specially when the recitation of fifteenth and sixteenth Astpadee starts, then the man hits his knee that when the text of this Baani will be completed.

Your hymns have such a powerful healing power sukhmani sahib bhai guriqbal singh by hearing it my eighty percent disease of dropsy have been healed. Sikhs requested again, 18 First Special Characteristic “We are human beings with limited knowledge our thinking is finite.


I write these lines keeping my faith on Guru, you will never go empty handed.

Bhai Guriqbal Singh – Has He Made A Scientific Discovery?

When I hear this sound with my ears, then I get much relief from singhh pain. Were I to be King, gathering vast hordes On a throne seated my foot, My orders obeyed far and wide 0 Nanak!

The saint again asked his devotees to bring that prostitute. Knowing or unknowing whatever we do that becomes our action, this becomes our destiny.

Hearing the same story which Bhai Gopal told them, all bowed their heads with reverence. The Guru has mentioned about both. As you will write the outlines of your actions You have to settle that account bit by bit. It is the last resort.

Mahima of Sri Sukhmani Sahib

Young sons of mother and relatives began to say, “0 Mother! When doctors took the specimen of tumour then they told me that I was guest of only fifteen to twenty days. I am citing examples, otherwise you will say that these are mere talks. Sometimes manifests the wave of avarice, sometimes manifests the wave of ego. In the end he died from devotion. But we should bear in mind that medicine will prove effective only if we recite the Baani of Sukhmani sahib bhai guriqbal singh Sahib. Sukhmani Sahib Sewa Society Gurduara Mata Kaulaan, Amritsar recites weekly one text of Sukhmani Sahib in the house of one devotee and after that singing of Keertan is arranged for one hour.

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Sins the praises of the Lord With alertness and sinsle-mindedness. Many servants hanker after him to serve him. I am also thankful to Bhai Jaswinder Singh Patiala and his companions who helped me to start the complete outline. Satguru germinated a yearning to write such hymns which might make successful all the breaths of men, which they breath in one full day.


You must note that it is very difficult to win the confidence of an intellectual. Some people who attain higher spiritual state they say that they now are reciting the name of God by each breath and morsel.

: Bhai Guriqbal Singh: Books

It is a matter of faith and trust. Whenever we felt sick, fearful due to a bad dream, or any other negative forces that engulfed us, we always went to our Mum, lovingly sukhmani sahib bhai guriqbal singh Amee ji. Once a son of a Sikh belonging to Amritsar suffered from boils in his head. But if our dead bodies remained here, then Raja finding a clue, would arrest you and you can also get the punishment of death; being a murderer.

Do you already have an account? We have to learn one lesson from it that if we have not 22 First Special Characteristic attained the state of tranquillity even then we should recite the Baani of Sukhmani Sahib with great devotion and love, your breaths of skkhmani four hours will become successful. That Baani had a great healing power. His means are very strong.