If you were to listen to the album without any prior knowledge of its provenance, it would be frighteningly easy to mistake it for a live orchestra. Robinson has a history of taking old video game compositions and making spectacular orchestral arrangements. Tuesday 2 April Tuesday 13 August Sunday 8 September Wednesday 8 May

super metroid symphony the blake robinson synthetic orchestra

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There’s been many covers made for Super Metroid’s music over the years, and it’s great robinsoon have a fresh and faithful album completely orchestrated” Metroid Recon.

super metroid symphony the blake robinson synthetic orchestra

mettoid Friday 26 April Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Wednesday 21 August As an influential and experienced developer in the music software industry, Blake’s knowledge of the synthetic instruments at his disposal is in tip-top shape.

Thursday 8 August Tuesday 20 August symphonj Saturday 6 April By supporting the album people were directly helping to ensure that I can bring you more video-game-orchestra albums in the future. Archived from the original on View all trending tracks.


Super Metroid Symphony

Video game soundtrack remakes using absolutely cutting-edge samples. Friday 28 June Friday 30 August His work on industry standard libraries such as Cinesamples’ CineBrass, Spitfire’s BML and Symphonic range, Albion and Bespoke range means that he has all the tools and experience necessary to create realistic orchestral mock-ups extremely efficiently.

super metroid symphony the blake robinson synthetic orchestra

Metroi how you do it. Wednesday 1 May His ability to work on a tight budget and schedule allows him to provide independent video-game developers and movie producers with high quality orchestrated music that may not usually be available to them.

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Sunday 11 August Blake Robinson, sole composer and arranger of the alarmingly productive, and thoroughly brilliant, Synthetic Orchestra.

Friday 26 July With the aim of faithfully recreating every piece of music from the series’ 3rd game, the album is an hour long journey through 30 tracks that were lovingly crafted – minute by minute, note by note. Tuesday 21 May Sunday 28 April However I try to define my taste in video game music, I can at least point to Robinson’s Synthetic Orchestra and say, “There. Tuesday 27 August Through social media, his freely-available music featuring more than 21 hours and tracks of iconic video game orchestrations and original music has racked up more than 35 million listens from roughlypeople following his work.


The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, also known simply as The Synthetic Orchestra, is the pseudo-name for a British video game music composer and orchestrator Blake Robinson, who has developed a substantial following on YouTube, pri… read more.