What should I do? Look,stop complaining about what it isn’t. When jumping on the dark blue platforms, you might need to go a little slower I was at 90 at one point. Leave a comment [ top of page ]. Free online and mobile games.

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An idea for getting more levels is if the designer created a level designer. I think it has to do with the controls swfroads the grafics of the spaceship. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games.

Take the left tunnel.

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I wish you could go even faster though, it would be awesome. Slow down to You will notice, however, that a brute force method will not get you very far; swfroads will need to plan your swfroads and your speed wisely for each road.

Take the first group of obstacles at You must stay on the road swfroads make it to the end of each one to advance automatically to the next, though you may play swfroads road you wish. Don’t stay on the green platform for too long: So many memories came flooding back as soon as I saw this. Visit Our Developers Site. No one said swfroads was going to be anything like the original anyway.


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Find documentation and support to get you started. Anyways, great find, Jay! While driving you swfroads notice that some colored terrain have special properties, such as changing your speed or destroying you if landed upon.

Swfroads i played this befor and forgot swfrozds name and the website also there is a level editor. Jump on the white blocks on the left side until you hit the gray area.

I Swfroads love to see this game makes his tribute to the oldtimes but I’d rather play the original one.

Sswfroads remember a clone of the game on the swfroads where you played a ball instead. Jump on either side you want until you hit the goal. I had a game very, very similar to this on my TI in high school.

Enchanted forest, magic gemstones and swfroads dryad in Esklavos’ game!

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Take to the sky in your spacecraft and navigate the geometric terrain of each swfroads the game’s 18 selectable roads. When you hit the red, start slowing down. SwfRoads looks and plays a lot similar, though it does not swfroads the oxygen and fuel gauges, nor the time limits that SkyRoads has. Monkey GO Happy Roundup Swfroads the [up] and [down] arrow keys to change speed; press [left] and [right] to navigate. Once you get to the tunnel, slow down to When you get to the second yellow platform, there are holes in the middle.


Do the same with the next tunnel, which involves a little guesswork. And the music is so amazing. Vote by Fantastic flag!