You wouldn’t be able to see the ship’s outline or shadow without it. You can apply the Tasharen Water material on any plane you like. Apr 9, Posts: Note to anyone who runs into this issue again: How easy would it be to use some animated textures for the foam?

tasharen water

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The shader in question is just a part of Unity, you can get access to it by downloading the unity shaders package. Currently it scrolls in one direction, which looks decent. High Reflection Mask controls what will be reflected at High and Uber quality levels.

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Medium Reflection Mask controls what will be reflected at the Medium quality level. Shininess controls how shiny your water is going to be.

tasharen water

Firstly with occlusion culling which we were already experiencing with Water4. May 10, Posts: Also can you control the size of waves of normal map? Keep Under Camera option will keep the water underneath the camera at all times.


[Unity Asset] Tasharen Water 1.10

One important feature depth texture support is not available to Unity free. Aug 20, Posts: Unity pro water works fine so don’t think its tasjaren trees.

ArenMookOct 21, Also figured this could work on ios and android if the shader were reworked. I have an tashzren stillnot enough temporary registers needs 9.

And that I get Pro sooner rather than later.

tasharen water

ArenMookOct 15, Secondly the reflection tint can cause some unwanted hues in your water but they can be tweaked and eradicated with a little playing. Mar 23, Posts: What do i need to do to fix this? ArenMookAug 7, Feb 27, Posts: I tashaen that I can change the following in the Tasharen Water Shader: Make sure it’s referencing your bright skybox.

Would be pretty cool for flowing rivers etc. Is this faster than the Unity Water 4, both in the same level of quality?

tasharen water

I just updated my version of Unity to the latest version today. I am da bawssAug 10, It’s beautiful though in the webplayer demo. In IOS my water looking great, but for Android after 30 seconds water become pixelated and blurred. Wwater steeper the angle at which you look at the water, the more it’s going to reflect, and the less it will refract.


You might be glad to hear that Aren has kept things equally sater with his water too, while achieving a superb look. Of course — You can add me — arenmook. Considering that in Tasharen Water those high quality features are already available for computers, it would be great to see it working for mobile. Just keep in mind that the texture should not be marked as a “normal map” as far as Unity is concerned, as that kills the alpha and thus the foam. Script Properties Quality controls the quality of the water.