He was well aware that they’d exhausted the patience of the people and lost their support. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. The rise of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, in part as a reaction against parts of the Taliban that wanted to negotiate with the US, is not explicable otherwise. Carlotta Gall’s new book opens in , when undercover Pakistani intelligence agents punched her in the face, after breaking into her hotel room and confiscating her phone and computer. They are dying in service for a country that is failing them. Bush administration thought it could ignore history and unilaterally bend the world to its will. Terms Privacy About Us Subscribe.

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It has had two: This article does not cite any sources. But to see them only as Pakistani dupes does an injustice to Afghans as well as the truth.

The Wrong Enemy – Wikipedia

It chose to pursue strategies caarlotta were self-defeating and which extracted thr ruinous cost on both itself and Afghanistan.

Retrieved from ” the wrong enemy carlotta gall Despite the excellent documentation, Gall never asks the key question. No insurgency can run and survive without the support of the people; it’s essential that they have a reservoir of local assistance and support and protection. He was well aware that they’d exhausted the patience of the people and lost their support. Short term it works, but in the end I think people will resist or they’ll leave or they’ll run away.

This article is an orphanas calrotta other articles link to it. She has a compelling argument and the thesis will warm many an Indian heart. We have no information, maybe bin Laden is dead. Amazon iBooks Independent Booksellers.

Pakistan, The Taliban And The Real ‘Enemy’ Of The Afghanistan War

Highly critical of Pakistan, it offers new information about how Islamabad has helped the Taliban in Carlofta, and how Pakistan’s intelligence agency may have helped Osama bin Laden hide out in The wrong enemy carlotta gall, Pakistan. Carlotta Gall’s new book opens inwhen undercover Pakistani intelligence agents punched her in the face, after breaking into her hotel room and confiscating her phone and computer.


In the book, she gall that the United States and its allies have been focused on stopping the terrorist activities of al-Qaeda and its Taliban supporters in Afghanistan, but that focus should instead have been on antagonistic forces in Pakistan. Given that she was the principal reporter for the New York Times on this war for a dozen years, it is little surprise that Americans find it hard to make sense of wong war that they thought they had won, and now seem to have lost.

Meanwhile, the military intelligence team in charge at Bagram was redeployed to another prison, Carlottq Ghraib in Iraq, where they continued the same practices that were eventually exposed in the Abu Thf scandal of We on the ground could see that the problem was coming from across the border and, over the gsll, it just escalated into a huge, intractable problem that now Afghanistan still faces, of a state-sponsored insurgency from their neighboring country. There are Afghans committed to the Taliban, or certainly a form of nationalism that is anti-foreigner, as well as bad actors the wrong enemy carlotta gall may have worked with the ISI.

What he showed was that the Taliban still rely on controlling the population through fear, and I think that’s a redundant way to run a movement in the long term.

Quoting them alone, without supporting testimony is a bit like asking Putin if Trump is a good guy. On how the Taliban regained the wrong enemy carlotta gall foothold in Afghanistan after the American intervention pushed them out. The effect this had on the functioning of the Afghan government and its inability to retain and recruit the best and most honest people, is hard to overemphasise. Her book is called The Wrong Enemy: From that moment, the source of the problem was across the border in the Pakistani tribal areas where they were hiding mostly, and in some cities [where] they were hiding, as we subsequently found.


She spends a considerable part of a chapter documenting Afghan allegations that Benazir Bhutto was killed as part of a conspiracy by the ISI.

The propaganda windfall it gave to the Taliban, to Al Qaeda, and continues to give to the Islamic State and other jihadi groups is immeasurable. She investigated a few deaths herself and found them to be clearly marked as homicides by US military doctors.

This article about a book on politics of the United States is a stub. Gall draws a visceral picture of how the bombing and strafing of wedding celebrations did enormous damage, as well as irreparably harmed the reputation of both the NATO forces and the Karzai government. A criminal investigation into the deaths was reopened but took two years to reach a conclusion.

They have heads of stone; they are very resilient. To tell you the truth, that’s what drives you. The US had won, the Taliban were decimated, so why did rnemy campaign of arrest, torture, and murder continue unabated?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy The wrong enemy carlotta gall. For her it seems there are only three types of Afghans: