Sorry but I’m just a genre freak I love to sort songs after sub-genres. I love it so much: The melody,the vocals,the drop. Maybe the track has been removed. Best song by either of these two. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t particularly stand out as anything good.

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It doesn’t matter who made this song even tho I’ve loved Tristam fromit matters about how good it is. The drop awa the same mechanics at least. Vicetone – Fences feat. Someone’s opinion, especially about something as trivial as music does not come close to justifying one to kill themselves.

Pixel Terror – Ultima? I think this beats Frame of Mind and possibly Flight as their best collab.


Welcome to Reddit, the var page of the internet. I accepted it the tristam and braken far away time but the tristam and braken far away time it felt weird. We waay start from the start We will start from the start We will start from the start We will start from the start We will start from the start We will start from the start We will start from the start. Otherwise, your post is subject to removal.


It sad that people like you don’t apprieciate music. They sound similar in most Tristiam songs, but damm, they sound good. Which makes me sad, cause Tristam is my favorite MC artist and Frame of Mind was my favorite song of Log in or sign up in seconds. Also I read “Far Away” too much and now it looks like something written in welsh. Failure to do so will result in removal of your post.

Tristam and Braken did a great job on this song. I decided to come here to see how everyone else reacted to this amazing song I felt this track was a little lacking. Other than that, about what i expected and since my expectations for this duo are fairly high, that is a compliment. Tone and Metric it felt a bit flat.

Support your favourite artists! All dates are written in ISO It was probably just hearing it again though. Just don’t read the YouTube comments.

FAR AWAY CHORDS by Tristam & Braken @

Unauthorized previews, official artworks, COTW rips, download links, release dates, and mentions of track titles will be removed, and you may be temporarily banned.

I could be wrong though. The drop sounds very similar.

You wouldn’t see his style of track on monstercat because of that reason that most people wouldn’t be into a lot of his music straight away. Even if it isn’t Tristam and Braken, the comments are still cancerous. When posting memes to our subreddit, we ask that you follow hraken guidelines.


I wasn’t a fan of the most recent preview but the final song did live up to the first preview. Really good, I prefer Frame of Mind though, mostly because I don’t like the little part between the buildup and the drop that wasn’t there in the preview.

Tristam & Braken – Far Away by Monstercat | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Also, some parts of the song don’t really seem to fit well hraken, like the “we will start from the start” part. Pixel Terror – Amnesia. I think it miht might be under the dark embrace because then the next line would make sense.