This Project is in collaboration with Frank. Motherboards and SMR4 coming soon. This Big Dieter sounds really great! I heat the CA up to Do not know if it helps for Ambika though…. Have you see the Videos i send to you? Some nasty dirt comes out.

tubeohm t-fm

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Videos : TubeOhm T-FM

Im setting high standards i guess. Might end up being physically bigger than the standard voicecards but I think it would actually be worth designing a bigger case. If i set for calibration the Cutoff reso from the first Voicecard to Hz it can be that the second VC had Hz and the third had 90 Hz Here the final version. Thanks thbeohm for keeping it alive Andre!

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The most important thing t-tm, the oscillator is ready now. You can tell about that swedish furniture store tubeogm you want to, but they have at least had definitively humor. So the Filter prototype for the Dieter is a good solution to test how it works and sounds on Ambika, ahh sorry Tubika…. That was never a beginners project. Pity about the name though… Tub-Bika is ugly sounding and looking in my brutally honest opinion. It looks like you’re new here.


tubeohm t-fm

Both Transistors on one chip. And no, the SRM5 had 4 poles. If anybody wants the last green onecontact me. If i put my finger on Q4 the cutoff drops down.

Diff 35 HZ on HZ basis. The on board effects sound fantastic.

Today i have tubeom the first Tubika prototype. But you were in on what it really was the whole time! An Analog Oscillator Voicecard for the Ambika???? But it would cost a lot. Tubika or Ohmbika as someone suggested in this thread would have been much nicer.

Would still be cool, if someone wants to design one. This Project is in collaboration with Frank.

Download Free Analog synth + step sequencer plug-in: Anti-Transpirant + Stepper 16 AT by TubeOhm

I do not like nonsense. Both log transistors are very temperatur sensitive.

tubeohm t-fm

Thema ist der Degenerator und er wird als Prototype vorgestellt. Software is readyhe must build the hardware. Today, im among the happiest people on the planet because i just got 3 tickets for the upcoming TOTO World Tourpresenting their new Studio album — to be relased in March — on June 15th at the famous Cologne Tanzbrunnen. Super vst, avec lequel on peut faire des bass de malade, pour le peu qu’on s’y attarde et que l’on bidouille.


The intro to Sheep still gives me the chills. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! So the calibration runs away. Pretty much everything is subject to change without any notice. This definetely deserves its own tuubeohm. Easiest sequencer to program and use.