Reposted from Textile World, click here to see the original article. The company uses these virtual models as exact replicas of live models to increase efficiencies and speed to market, as they can view and make changes to samples on the spot in sampling rooms. Eventually, though, I ask Delevan the burning question. About GrupoM GrupoM is the largest apparel manufacturer in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, employing over 10, workers, producing for all major branded and private label apparel retailers in the USA. The majority of our readers are students or novice fashion professionals. Font size Email Print. But when it comes to simulating not just style, but fit—the physical interaction of a virtual garment and body—no one has yet succeeded.

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The accuracy, and speed we achieved produced amazing results for our Fashion Business Overall: However, by utilizing 3-D samples, the software user can make any necessary changes to the garment before it is ever sewn, saving on sample fabric costs, shipping costs, fit model costs and, of tukatech 3d, speeding up the entire process.

What prompted your start in the garment industry, and in particular, how did it lead up to you becoming one of the most influential and sought out individuals in apparel product developement tukatech 3d garment manufacturing? As you can see, 3-D sample-making software can be used in various ways tukatech 3d the supply chain to reduce lead times, increase quality, and dramatically lower costs.

First, their long history in the apparel software industry means that they already have access to vast stores of data. I know the system is a reflection of that commitment therefore making it a very good business decision. Ease of use, even our old pattern makers who had never touched a computer became great running the system within days.


Thank u so much. We’ll only keep your data for as long as you choose to receive tuaktech from just-style. There is much more control of the whole information from costing, patterns, d3, etc.

You can opt out of individual newsletters or contact methods at any time in the tukatech 3d Account’ area. Many times, the sample garment will need additional corrections or adjustments, and the buyer will request the vendor to make those adjustments, and then cut, sew and ship a revised sample.

How do I become tuoatech group member? Now that 3-D software has emerged as a real solution in the apparel industry, more and more companies are building fewer physical samples from real fabric and shipping them to the design houses.

Tukatech 3d has made our design team flourish tukatech 3d has streamlined our business model. Why cut this much fabric when you can move some pieces here and use less area? But, of course, apparel companies cannot simply stop producing samples. Find new apparel sourcing destinations, assess trade flows and manage tariffs.

However, streamlining areas of cutting room operations, product development, and fabric utilization are relatively straight forward. Most people are still hesitant to purchase clothing online for lack of the ability to try something tukatech 3d first and for fear of having to return items by mail. About Amrit Exports Amrit is the largest industrial safety and work wear manufacturer and exporter in India.

TUKAcad Reviews and Pricing –

Moreover, many of these samples never make it to production for reasons that have nothing to do with fit or construction, but rather with the natural selection process design houses go through in creating a collection for a line.


3v you can see, I never did anything tuoatech in my life, and I do not plan to change my pattern at tkatech age. Styku is also working with body scanning companies to make it easier for consumers to create avatars.

Reposted from Textile World, click here to see the original article. Tukqtech apparel sourcing shifts impact the bottom line Top 20 analysis articles on tukatech 3d in The company uses these virtual models as exact replicas of live models to increase efficiencies and speed to market, as they can view and make changes to samples on the spot in sampling rooms. The unique in-viewport animation capability gives users tukatech 3d ability to set up runway shows on their own, as well as analyze the tukatech 3d of garments while in motion.

There has been a few instances I could not delete a point.

Tukatech launches latest CAD and 3D tools

The Tools all perform as they should. About TUKAcad Advanced pattern making, grading and marker making system that will streamline your production process and reduce operating expenses. Styku will be rolling tukatech 3d its product in stages, as it expands partnerships with other businesses. Styku is a hosted, service based technology that is customizable, scalable, and free tykatech consumers. I am a freelancer and Tukatech has been a great help with ease of use and affordability.

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Its easy to use and has lot of functions, it has helped up save time.