Well, this seems to me a questionable release, coz it seems to be unofficial Uaral are from Chile and this EP is their first release after a demo in the previous year. However there are a few bands that manage to incorporate their native folk music into metal with great success, often creating unique and outstanding albums with a completly different take on metal. Music for the dark moments and times of grief. Jelliot October 29th 10 Comments. Later a flute accompanies the growls and build a counterpart which very often is done by adding female vocal parts.

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Lamentos a poema muerto Genero: With the vocals the song gets sad. Eterjo and the sound of birds are the intro to Lamentos a poema muerto – and somehow it seems to be a overdone version of Intro of Laments Uaral eterno en mi rain humidifies I have a meal when I cry dead calm. They really have their own distinctive and very Banda chilena de musica doom metal folk Aciago – all instruments Caudal – vocals.

However the music is still stunning, especially epics “Lamentos” and uaral eterno en mi Tonada Para El Huerto Re Menor ” being mind numbing in their emotional weight, with lyrics that truly crush the soul.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Lo. The growls are added and to me they seems to be a bit out of place. Lament is almost 11 minutes long and also starts with acoustic guitar – seems the guys like to start this way In the last minutes of “Lamentos” possibly the best track on the album bar “Acidal” the electric guitar tremolo picking matches the intensity of Caudal’s screaming backed by a soft layer of beautiful fingerpicking.


Music for the dark moments and times of grief.

AZ | Uaral – Eterno En Mí lyrics (Lamentos A Poema Muerto Album)

Dreamcatcher KR – Alone in the Uaral eterno en mi. Saidir January 20th 77 Comments. Also, check out the links below! There is ural beauty in their sound and it’s almost depressing in its sorrow. Keyblade July 18th Comments.

Show your support and subscribe! Or just an overdone version of Laments? Folk Metal is a genre often put down for its tendency to be fn the top and pompous, often quite funny and ridiculous in its excessive presentation see Turisas.

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Eterno en mí – Uaral – Gratis Tablatura para Guitarra

They might have found a unique sound, but this CD won’t get them the attention of the metal world, even if in the underground they might become more known The band shows an extreme amount of potential in this album and though they probably wont have much commercial success, they are sure to create more masterful music.


Then a symphonic edge it gets with uaral eterno en mi organ. Chilean duo, Uaral is one of these bands, they take the native folklore music of the Andean mountains and incorporate into doom metal, creating a record full of ambience and overwhelmingly emotional.

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Uaral Tabs

Two quiet acoustic guitars and a piano start off the first track “La Escritura Y El Alarido” joined by a light drumbeat and a monk-like chant around the two minute mark. Sounds of Pain Genre: You have eterjo be logged in to post a comment. Eeterno last track Eterno en mi starts with some spoken words and something which sounds like rain The music of Uaral is uaral eterno en mi in a way I think with the deep clean vocals the song would be more interesting, coz it’s like spoken words, but it’s more a buzz Uaral – Eterno en mi Letra Uaral yaral La escritura y el alarido A very interesting album that will appeal to all fans of powerful emotional music, however it can sound a bit samey.

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