String from Mark Packard – thanks. String from Harlover Ajay – thanks. String from Alex Williams – thanks. Do we have a world record for browser string length here? String from Hichem Frei – thanks. String from MaryAnne Pucovsky – thanks. String from Tom Dalton – thanks.

uc browser 8.3 for samsung s3310

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String from Ali Fakoor – thanks. Apple’s iPad with mobile safari browser under iOS 4.

Download Uc Broser For Samsung Mobile Uc Browser For Symbian Os

Motorola i phone – phone surprisefod, video, MP3 and WAV player and a two way radio function. Windows Mobile Explorer on a Amstad Emailer Plus which is not a mobile device but has many wierd mobile like characteristics. Features include Speed Dial: String from Joe Petrie – thanks. String from Kristina Baker – thanks. String from Jonathan McCormack – thanks. String from Jossy Ogbuanoh – thanks.

String from Kelly Carter – thanks. String from palmtt3 well you know who you are – thanks. Badged version of the HTC Prophet line. A N80 smartphone – spot the difference from the one below. Fot from David Weekly – thanks.


Download UC Browser 9.5 for Samsung S3310

String from Ranbdr Ghale – thanks. HTC have finally succumbed to fashion. Your phone model is: A Nokia smartphone – full keyboard, office applications etc.

Many thanks for helping ourselves. String from Andrew Marconi – thanks.

uc browser 8.3 for samsung s3310

Well it’s always better late than never. Probably don’t even need phones – practically shout across the Baltic – shame Sweden gets in the way but Ericsson Sweden can always brwoser the messages! Contact your operator or look on their website to find the proxy settings.

Tech Stuff – Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings – fang_beny – 博客园

Anything which is not recognisably a major brand hrowser definition – but we can be corrupted by massive infusions of marketing dollars is placed here. The maker of the first ‘superphone’ known to mankind aka Nexus One.

uc browser 8.3 for samsung s3310

String from Mark Barnes – thanks. UC seems to have made considerable progress in fixing the site compatibly issues that have dogged the browser for the past year or so. String from Tim Claunch – thanks. Rare example of a Blackberry Playbook string from the wild. You can easily open links and bookmarks in a new window. Exactly the same as the string below – only running Opera Mini – which really flr to take over its hosts.


String from John Shirey – thanks. The is for the US market, for Europe and for Asia and the rest of the world. Apple’s iPhone mobile safari browser under OS 3. Nintendo 3DS firmware V. Nokia string running Opera 6.