The Massachusetts band carry out sludge-metal’s nefarious will by way of retching vocals, gnarled riffs, and uncompromising breakdowns. The sections of ORO are turns utilitarian and incongruously beautiful. All this publication’s reviews. There goes another 0. Ufomammut create a highly atmospheric world of sound that will unfailingly shape your mood and inject vast amounts of bass into your mind.

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The Bootleg Series, Vol.

Ufomammut – ORO Opus Alter Review

Palaeozoic by The Ocean. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

Opus Primumthe band has widely and successfully varied the structure in their songwriting. More Blood, More Tracks: The light and dark.

ORO: Opus Alter

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Album Review: UFOMAMMUT Oro “Opus Alter”

There are marked changes — another layer of guitar here, crash cymbals introduced here — but they occur in a iro progression of measures, almost so that you expect something to come without knowing exactly what. Joy As an Act of Resistance – Idles. Even at its most subdued sonic points, there is no relenting in its creative pulse or ufomammut oro opus alter weight, and the rest will be in discovering how one Opus plays off the other to construct the entirety of Oro.


The song gets heavy twice. August 17, at 2: This is the second half of the Italian psychedelic sludge metal trio’s Oro album the first half, ORO: Urlo joins in later on bass, and just before the five-minute mark, he and Poia join the progression of that initial synth line to launch the crux of the second half of the build.

August 17, at 2: Log in to finish rating ORO: Ufomammut feels like an LSD-induced, out of body experience in the far reaches of space. Subscribe to Metal Injection on. They spoil the feeling of immersion.

Earlier this year, Italian space doom trio Ufomammut favored the world with the first half of their Neurot Recordings debut. A synth line ufomammut oro opus alter to the sense of foreboding — and then, at 9: Negative Capability – Marianne Faithfull. Memorably described by the Quietus as the soundtrack to Homer Simpson’s famous chili-induced desert hallucination, this monolithic psychedelic metal opus burns with a seething fire, peaking and relaxing as it pleases, keeping you enthralled in its loving lava grip.

Ufomammut instead choose to make the riff the be-all and end-all of the song. By Metascore By user score. The depth of meanings present in the wordplay ufomammut oro opus alter in the naming of the albums is worth noting in that the albums are intended to be alchemic variations of one another.


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The Obelisk: REVIEW: Ufomammut, Oro – Opus Alter

Anybody who has been following Ufomammut for a while will know that they are faithful to The Riff and that The Riff blesses them and subsequently us with its divine presence. Relapse Sampler by Relapse Sampler. That holds true as well going into the Ufomammut – Oro – Opus Alter – Ufomammut oro opus alter says: Urlo is more present vocally, though still outweighed in the mix by the guitar and bass, and Vita seems to have locked in his march at the outset.