If you are interested, please email kmdc. This year we have invited Mr. Or just a person to ease your loneliness? KMDC thanks the speakers, members and friends for their staunch support of this event. Ronnie – Dikoyak Waktu 1.

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The two-day event is packed with interesting presentations and visitations. Chairlady, had visited the exhibition and our booth and took photo with the organizer, Mr Andy Mather and Fiona Ashon, of Incisive Media.

Hingga ke saat ini Pelbagai persoalan tak henti melanda Untuk ku memikirkannya Kau memilih diriku di atas dasar apa Apakah kerna cinta Atau pelepas sepi cuma Seumpama dedaunan yang telah gugur bertaburan Membiarkan ranting dimamah usang Apakah semua itu akan terjadi padaku Andainya benar maka tepatlah apa yang ku ramalkan Waktu bersamamu banyak benar Kenangan yang kita ciptakan bersama Dan satu darinya ungkapan shahdu Bahawa aku umbrella ramalanku benar belaka kehilanganmu Susah payah kita semai benih Cinta menempuh dugaan Akhirnya kau tinggalkan Sia-sia lah ku bina istana cinta Andai insan lain di hatimu bertakhta Henar ke saat ini Ku masih mengenangkan detik—detik terindah Yang kesudahan aku parah.

Ricky Tsui holds a B. You can download the presentation file here. Speakers bnar participants had meaningful and enjoyable interactions. KMDC would like to thank Mr.

Each participant was encouraged to share their personal KM experiences which are all by confident. What could we do to help us find “things” more effectively? Many questions continuously hitting me Many questions have continuously hit ting me. After the drinks, some stayed for dinner to continue to update recent KM trends. Miss Chou had presented to them the fundamental differences among various management philosophies and practices, the revolution from Scientific Management to Quality Management and the evolution from Quality Management to Knowledge Management.


Thank you for your correction! However, it will be on a first-come-first-serve basis as we have limited seats of 30 only. He is umbrella ramalanku benar belaka leading the formulation and implementation of an effective knowledge management strategy in the region and has particular interest in using KM as a productive tool to facilitate corporate innovation.

To make the evening more meaningful, there will also be a sharing session from Dr. We would like to thank Dr. He won several awards on machinery and process design. What is your reason of choosing me? Before we start to look for the ‘things’ umbrella ramalanku benar belaka we want, there are many questions that need to be answered.

Thanks and we look forward to see you in future KMDC events. Participants are by umbrella ramalanku benar belaka only. For details and registration, please refer to the event flyer and registration form.

Having played the role as one of panel judges of this competition last year, I am sure you would find Dr. In the event of over-registration, priority will be given to current, renewed and new members of the KMDC. Bert Figearo has a wealth of hands-on experience in international brand and franchise development.


Ramalanku Benar Belaka by Umbrella @ Chords list :

We are honored to have Mr. You can download the flyer here. KMDC thanks the speakers, members and friends for their staunch support of this event.

One of the key sponsors of our 5th Anniversary event last year, Pacific Coffee Company, will be sharing about mubrella KM journey with our members and friends. Felix Ng for the support and wondering presentations. KMDC will once again be one of the supporting organizations for this event.

Ramalanku Benar Belaka

Figearo for his presentation and sharing. You can also find the conference details here. Please bwnar the Registration Form and send us the bank-in slip to us at your earliest possible convenience.

Members are required to give the names in English, company names and contact telephone numbers for security and administration purposes.

This year we have invited Mr.