Move Dat Body feat. In Front Of Meh Off. Block To Block Feat. Turn it Around Bonus Track. Wanna Show You feat.

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Block To Block Feat. Join Us On Facebook. Umi Marcano Get Up. Can you wine tuh de ground and bend over Gyal wine tuh de ground an bend over Magcano bend over, bend over Mama say mamusa, ma-mackusa! Umi Marcano – Wuk Out Soca Wuk Up Yah Waistline Now. Wanna Show You Feat. Mek meh see yuh now! Hey Ya D Wining Chant. Soca – Turn It Around. To The Top Raw.

In Front Of Me.

In Front Of Meh. On De Road Wit U. In Front A Meh Feat.

In Front Of Meh Turn it Around Bonus Track. Umi Marcano – De Feeling. Roll Gal S-Latino Riddim.

Doh Do Dat 2015 Soca Lyrics

Dis year say am givin you the realest When yuh put it on meh and repeat it When yuh eat, sleep, live it and breathe it Gyal ah wine right back to de Soca Gyal bend it and tip and turn over She right in front meh like friender Tell she spin, spin, spin it like umii Tall, handsome and extremely talented, this singer at the age of 19 possesses rfont the attributes to shoot for the stars, time and time again has mfh that he belongs on stage to be counted as a celebrity in the local world of soca music.


Gurl you so fun, yuh blow way my mind And wastin my time, when yuh inbetween the umi marcano in front of meh Got tuh mate with yo body, jus wine on yuh spot Gyal yuh lookin so naught, tryna feels tuh Cross de line, Mama say mamusa, ma-mackusa! Mek meh doh do dat! On The Road With U. Turn It Around Music Video. On The Road Wit U.

IslandLyrics : Umi Marcano – Doh Do Dat Soca Lyrics

Give It To Me ft. Wuck Up Ya Waistline. Ah feelin dis vibe now cause de gyal u,i Tuh take over, We rollin up on all ah dem bumpahs, I doh Care if I drunk off sober, Ah feel like ah dreamin, on de parkway and we Jus fetein noww, An ah not regrettin, ah wanna see dem gyal Dem down tuh de ground now. Wuck up ya waistline now.

When she winin up dat bumpah yeah Mek meh doh do dat! Give It To Me. Umi Marcano – Sunshine. Umi Marcano – Feel It. Move That Body feat. Umi Marcano – turn it around. To The Top Clean.