From what I have read he says: Each one of us will have to become a Mujtahid himself to understand hukm e sharia or act on ahteyat which is not easy. Posted July 7, edited. But only al-Kafi has survived. Views Read Edit View history.

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Salam Alaikum you will never believe They have a much higher status then that. By crashproofYesterday at And whatever contradicts it, reject it” [ citation needed ]. Kxfi Taqlid is not allowed what will people like us do who are not scholars. Most Shia scholars do not make any assumptions about the authenticity of a hadith book.

Usool Kafi Jild 4 Urdu Read Online and Download

Edited July 7, by Vengeance Is it haram to be a utdu and listen to music By crashproofYesterday at But only al-Kafi has survived. Also note the difference between subjective proof and objective proof, and between evidence and proof.

Each one of us will have to become a Mujtahid himself to understand hukm e sharia or act on ahteyat which is not easy. Views Read Edit View history.


Usool -e- Kafi :

Kulayni himself stated in his preface that he only collected hadiths he thought were important and sufficient for Muslims to know at a time when many Muslims were illiterate and ignorant of the true beliefs of Islam, and heretical Sufi and gnostic sects were gaining popularityand he usool e kafi in urdu the verification of these hadiths up to later scholars.

He was a mujtahid. Allah knows if and why the introduction was not translated, but your accusations that it was a conspiracy against the impermissibility of taqleed is over the top and is based on conjecture, soo-e-ZANN, which is haram.

Part of a series on. Shia hadith collections Ja’fari jurisprudence Shia imams.

Read Online : Usool Kafi Urdu – شیعہ اہل حق ہیں

Edited July 3, by jang. WS Edited July 4, by Orion. All we are doing is following his directions. Jami Sahih Tartib al-Musnad. Kulayni also states, in reference to hadiths: Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.

Posted July 4, edited. Already have an account? Edited July 4, by salmany. And I am finding nothing in it what is urru Usooli school of thought. Jrdu is a great blessing. The main criticism of al-Kafi as the usool e kafi in urdu for Shia fiqh, comes from prominent Sunni writers who argue that finding some hadiths in al-Kafi proves that the entire Shi’ite school is wrong.


Related topics Ahl al-Hadith Criticism. They also do not automatically accept some hadiths from al-Kafi that have strong historical proofs. So if this hasn’t been translated into Urdu yet, it still hasn’t. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Title : Usool E Kafi Volume I

They are usopl survents of Ahlul Bait as who devote their life in search of knowledge and solving out problems of their Shia brothers and sisters. BTW i cant read urdu: Shaikh al-Kulaini AR did not ever say that he was a marja, as he lived during the times of the Safirs of Imam-e-Zaman A in the ghaybat-e-sughra.

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