Installations which include drive converters shall be equipped with additional monitoring and protective devices in accordance with the relevant applicable safety requirements, e. This is done by selecting the “Board configuration” menu. In case of inadmissible removal of the required covers, of improper use, wrong installation or maloperation, there is the danger of serious personal injury and damage to property. Hospitals scrounging for dollars are reinventing themselves as venture capitalists and investing in health-care technologies. Transition into this status is achieved by selecting the “Download” menu in P Refer to the tables in Section 4. The language is chosen by selecting the relevant parameter for the slave in question.

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They can be limited to parameters which are relevant for the particular application. Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply over.

The material is not seawater-proof, i. Release both directions of rotation. Measure the air intake and ambient temperature.


VDE must be observed as well as the professional handling of tools and the use of personal protective equipment. If there is a danger of frost, frost-protection measures for operation, storage and transport are necessary, e.

Function diagram modules Function diagram modules function diagrams are shown after the flow chart for parameter modules stored in the unit software. Without motor encoder Counter-measure The fault value in r defines the type of intervention 4 No speed signal present 5 Sign of the signal is incorrect The fault message may have vc sync 6 erroneously generated if the drive speed is externally forced e.


Changes to the drive converters by means of the operating software are permissible. Therefore, when installing the chassis unit in a cabinet, you must make sure that the air being discharged from the fan can flow into the inside of the chassis.

Tightening torque of the fixing screws: Check vc sync all the connecting cables and the shield sit properly and are in the correct position. The digit of the xth position indicates the valve where the fault occurred at power-up. All work carried out on or with the equipment must conform to all the national electrical codes VBG 4 in Germany.

Bug listing with status RESOLVED with resolution WORKSFORME as at /01/04

The parameters for defining the power section and for fc the technology options and the operating hours counter and fault memory are not changed by a parameter reset to factory setting.

NOTE If you change vc sync value of a parameter, this change generally becomes effective immediately. Select setpoint and command source sheet s Current flows through the motor and the rotor rotates!

Tightening torque of the electrical connections C and D: The water hoses have to be connected up prior to installation of the converter see chapter “Dimension drawings” in the VC Compendium.


Overvoltage An overvoltage condition has occurred. Speed control with tachometer n control 5: The motor load limit P In the pre-setting, motor overload protection in accordance with UL vc sync is activated!

The fault value in r defines the type of intervention: M8 power connections M6 fastening on spacers M4 circuit.


The unit must not be opened until at least after this delay time. Not all parameterizing steps have to be run through in vc sync in each case during start-up. Vector control without tachometer f-control 4: The speed actual value has vc sync the value of maximum speed plus the set hysteresis. Motors with average rating In case of installation in machinery, commissioning of the drive converter i. Furthermore, the normalization values for current, voltage, frequency, speed and torque signals are determined during the drive setting.

We confirm the conformance of the above designated product with the Standards: During communication, the OP1S assumes the function of the master whereas the connected units function as slaves.