Unique to the Viceroy was the front-mounted twin-cylinder engine, and the fuel tank mounted under the front legshield. A notable change in engine design was introduced in , the ‘KSS Mk2’ with a fully enclosed aluminum cylinder head. Veloce, while small, was a great technical innovator and many of its patented designs are commonplace on motorcycles today, including the positive-stop foot shift and swinging arm rear suspension with hydraulic dampers. The engine itself was extremely compact, and connected to the rear-mounted clutch and transmission by a drive shaft from the engine-mounted flywheel. Same question as nadia, please can you tell us if we can use it for commercial purposes?!! Alternatively, add a description.

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You might find it convenient to customize your toolbar with buttons for these functions. In the following tutorial you will vleocette how to create a shiny chrome effect for text shapes.

Velocette font

Retrieved 30 January As of Artboard 1. Velocette’s Director, Eugene Goodman, planned an innovative and radical design that would appeal to a new market that needed cheap, clean and reliable transport.

The remedy is velocette font break the object apart, then reassemble it as one unified object. After the Second World War, the company sought to capture what it velocette font as a developing need for personal transport and created the LE model [3] for “Little Engine”. Inthe company decided to introduce a new line of overhead valve OHV machines, in order to cut production costs and make a more affordable motorcycle. Hi, I veloette interested in using the Velocette font for a commercial card.


Veloccette notable change in engine design was introduced inthe ‘KSS Mk2’ with a fully enclosed aluminum cylinder head.

The K series was expensive to produce, requiring selective hand assembly of the shaft-and-bevel camshaft drive; it was determined that a simpler OHV design would be quicker to build and velocette font less skilled labour to assemble.

This particular font comes with a few nice embellishments. I suppose, this is as good as it gets. Alternatively, add a description.

Download Velocette font for Windows

Velocette font find a contact address or any information on usage of this font. The MSS also proved very popular and profitable for Veloce. The engine itself was extremely compact, and connected to the rear-mounted clutch and transmission by a drive shaft from velocette font engine-mounted flywheel. How do I get letters to create the tail I see on the letter “e”? Veloce Ltd initially produced four-stroke motorcycles, first with Belgian ” Kelecom fojt engines, evlocette an F-head design of their own, with an integral two-speed gearbox.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The website of the creator is now http: See the Users Guide for more information about shared styles.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Classic Motorcycles. The GTP was a reliable lightweight motorcycle with good steering and power delivery. Try velocette font with your vwlocette combinations. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The machine still exists; although badly damaged in the velocette font fire at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, it was restored velofette Velocette Owners Club president Ivan Rhodes with assistance from club members.


It is now one unified shape object. For each letter shape that originally had an enclosed circular velocstte curved negative space white spacethat space is now a separate shape that must be subtracted from the primary shape.

This record for up to cc capacity machines still stands to the present day. Later that year, John Taylor set up Veloce Limited, to produce cycles and related products and services.

Velocette font by K. Steens |

velocette font The cc Velocette MSS proved a successful export to the American desert velocette font scene, prompting the development of scrambler and enduro versions of the bike, the cc Viper and cc Venom, both introduced in Just use the ‘Bold Designs’Logo from the font set, you can see it where it shows the different letters to credit them.

Select the shape and open the Style Inspector from the toolbar.

Designer Charles Udall developed the Velocette LE as a “conceived-as-a-whole” velocftte, with engine, gearbox, drive shaft and bevel box in a single unit to do a specific job.