VisiRule combines smart diagramming, AI reasoning, and document generation with data integration. VisiRule helps in the knowledge capture and automation process by intelligently constraining what can and can not done based on the its understanding of the emerging program. VisiRule VisiRule is a graphical tool for non-programmers to develop and deliver rule-based and expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic. VisiRule Author provides a dedicated diagramming tool for experts to draw and test charts. By laying out complex logic in a simple and coherent way, expertise can be shared and communicated with colleagues in a non-technical and platform independant manner. Rules are naturally expressed in a logical manner and relationships between objects defined in a uniform and coherent manner. Productivity Improvements due to Graphical Programming By helping automate and deskill the design and delivery of complex decision support systems, VisiRule saves time and money.

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After choosing it your mouse cursor changes to a hand. This makes for a very quick turn around in terms of verifying that the specified logic is correct. Visirule is a graphical tool for designing, developing and delivering business rule and decision support applications, simply viisirule drawing a flowchart that represents the decision logic.

How does VisiRule work? VisiRule is steeped in logic-based programming. Immediate Testing and Run-time Visirule Immediate Testing and Run-time Delivery VisiRule charts can be immediately tested and executed within the development environment The generated code can be inspected and exported as Flex or Prolog. VisiRule for authoring rules and charts VisiRule is a graphical tool for non-programmers to visiruel and deliver rule-based and expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic.


Intelligent Reasoning visirule Explanations. This helps visirule work collaboratively and improves group productivity without increasing costs. A chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via text.

Because, VisiRule is implemented in fisirule logic-based environment, visirule each graphical object maps onto an asserted logical fact, VisiRule charts can be vetted in an intelligent manner. If you have clicked on a box or group of boxes, visirule can drag it around the screen to another position or you can right click on it visirjle obtain its menu of options.

Automatic Generation of Menus Automatic Generation of Menus VisiRule provides the automatic visirule of menu dialogs for questions.

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There is a close visirule traceable relationship between the graphical model and the generated rules. VisiRule is visirule graphical tool for non-programmers to develop and deliver rule-based and expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic. Logical rules are created with familiar graphical icons and links.

Another input box is provided into which the user visirule type a word or phrase. This is like Number Input, but only allows visirulf user to enter an integer.

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VisiRule is a graphical tool for developing and delivering business rules systems and components simply by drawing the decision logic. This is the default option. Final delivery within the Windows environment can make use of the built-in set of GUI routines supplied by the underlying compiler systems. Rich Set of Question Types: Remember me Visirule Your Password?


Logic Programming Associates Ltd. Triage legal and medical visirule problems with intelligent expert systems reasoning. This helps ensure a highlevel of referential integrity and provides the basis for auditing and verifying processes and methods in visirule of completeness and consistency. Firstly, it is used to create knowledge-based systems and secondly, it intelligently guides the construction process by constraining what can and cannot done based on the semantic content of the emerging program.


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Modularity Visirule supports multiple, linked charts and files. The business logic is identified and represented as a sequence of familiar graphical icons and links.

Intelligent Flowcharting VisiRule is visirule intelligent flowcharting tool in two senses. VisiRule opens up knowledge modeling visirkle a wide group of people. Once the chart has been filly tested, the code can visirule exported and integrated within the LPA IDE with other code or toolkits. Contrast this to neural nets which are black boxes and can NOT explain their reasoning. The Arc Visirule This tool allows you to draw an arc from one box to another.

Login Your Login Details User: VisiRule can use any Flex or Prolog routines in a code box or statement box.