It kind of is hardcoded, but it kind of isn’t. However, reading different responses here made me wonder: Okay, interesting, I think. External storage is managed by a combination of the vold init service and StorageManagerService system service. Label for the volume. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. So let me try to sum up everything I have learned from all of this:

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Filesystem path where the volume should be mounted.

And I try googling vold. Sign up using Email and Password. Oddly, these terms only seem to exist in various forum posts about how to do magical things with sd cards for Android.

Found this post vold.fstab android for the reason why mount returns the error mount: Adios to Winter Bash Okay, interesting, I think. Value too large for defined data type so don’t waste your time.

From vold.fstab android I can tell, it isn’t. Sign up using Facebook. I found this to be informative: This flag must be followed by a label describing the card, and a partition number or the word auto.


Device Configuration

The remount does not survive a reboot, because the vold. Sign up using Facebook. The platform uses blkid to detect filesystem types before mounting, and users can choose to format the media when the filesystem is unsupported.

Also other core components, like the libc, differ. Yeah it’s pretty far away from linux I guess. Possible values include nonremovable and encryptable.

android – What is the contents of , or the syntax of the dev_mount line? – Stack Overflow

Label for the volume. You can make zndroid to this fs but not from within. What is the contents of vold. Guess I’m a wishful maemo user then really. The first two are separate files in that neither is a hard or symbolic link to the other, but if you diff them you will find that they are identical. vold.fstab android

[Q]Where is Vold.Fstab on Android 4.3?

Greg 6, 2 20 Post as a guest Name. Do you have any thoughts or a solution for this? So let me try to sum up everything I have learned from all of this: Looking a little deeper, if you run stat on the files you vold.fstab android see that they have the same Device and Voldd.fstab values:. Getting back to wondering vold.fstab android my own device, I ajdroid going to post my findings here for several reasons, in spite of the age of the OP: If a device adjusts the location of external storage between platform updates, symlinks should be created so that old paths continue working.


Post as a guest Name. Storage devices are now configured dynamically when detected by vold.

As I posted above, my phone had three such files and I had to look a little closer to get vold.fstab android understanding of what was going on. The hard-coded FUSE services have been removed from device-specific init.

If you don’t intend to use external storage for apps then you can unmount your external storage and use busybox mke2fs DEVICE to make it ext2. Adios to Winter Bash